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The DEBT Fast

Updated on June 2, 2013
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Brain connections
Brain connections | Source


Owe no man, no good thing!

No cash, no purchase!

Dessert will cost you extra!

You want, you pay!

Debt is the new slavery!

Equating Debt to food has become an essentially fitting prophesy, because although we should be eating to live, most of us are living to eat.

Our personal portions are two to three times bigger than needed at one sitting. One meal nowadays, served anywhere is really a whole day's worth of salt, sugar and waste, but not nutrients.

Borrowing on our future today. Avoiding taking stock of what we are doing with our money hurts us in the long term.

This also happens with what we eat!

Can debt be good?

Can it? Most of us believe it depends on what it is for, whether or not debt is good. For instance a college education, property, or a first car. These are the big three that most of us will be willing to choose going into debt for.

Thing is should we?

Education, can you find a no debt solution. A first car, can you find a no debt solution. A piece of property / home can you find a no debt solution?

With good planning and fore thought, the answer is a resounding YES!!! Planning and smart decisions as well as financial guidance are key. As well as some good money management habits.

This doesn't mean you have to live the life of a stingy miser, you can still be generous!

Same with food. To stay healthy and slim - good health habits are key. Nutrition & movement! These are the best options to good health no matter what!

What is debt?

Basically this is when you owe someone something, usually money. It can be other things in which one can barter or make exchanges of skills but more often than not it has to do with borrowing someone else's money and then having to repay it. Sometimes with interest!

How is it created?

Debt is usually created through want rather than need. Most of us can usually cover our needs, thank God, but usually land in financial trouble because of a want, a desire, something that we can live without or wait and plan to purchase in the future.

Why some people think it's okay

Capitalism is built on more than just entrepreneurial savvy. It is built on a lending system or a borrowing system, or using what you don't have on the say so that you can pay it back. Basically it is borrowing on the future what you don't have in the present.

Some people get out from under this umbrella others don't and depending on what bumps you hit in the road you may be in debt before you know it or struggling with debt you didn't figure into your future.

What is a fast?

A fast usually involves getting rid of all the luxuries in your diet. Which means that you stick with what contributes to life, like water, or the most basics of natural foods like vegetables - no splurges, like sugar or processed foods.

How is it beneficial?

A fast in any term but specifically medical terms helps to flush the system of toxins, which usually influences one's cravings and overall health. It helps to eliminate waste and give us control over addictions like sugar and caffeine.

It helps the body remove waste that is built up at the cellular level and get back to a healthy balance, causing a synergistic realignment of one's body, mind, spirit and soul.

Why do it?

Doing a fast is great for health benefits and establishing rejuvenation to take place in the human body, To take back control!!! To fight disease, fatigue and other things that contribute to sickness.

Have you ever done a fast, either of food or spending?

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Combating debt


Teaching someone about money management can happen as early as when a small child understands the value of money, spending, saving, wanting and giving.

Helping them put money in it's perspective gives every individual the power to succeed when it comes to staying out of debt or managing debt.

Being in debt is a new slavery. It bonds the debtor to the debt holder. It causes a strangle hold on those who feel they have no say so in how they spend their own money because of an obligation they begin to resent.

Educational tips on need versus want and the idea of sacrifice and waiting is the best thing we can do for our children or anyone else willing to learn the principals of owing no man nothing and living in peace.


  • wait before buying
  • use cash instead of a credit card
  • save the money for two to four weeks
  • ask yourself questions; like is it that important? or is that the best deal?
  • weigh your options
  • do some research
  • shop sales, get discounts, clip coupons

No pressure

If you ever feel pressured to get into debt for any reason you need to push back from the table and take a moment to breathe or walk around. Typically human beings do things irrationally once a frenzy sets in but if they have the chance to think rationally and logically without all the sales hype, they tend to make good decisions.

How do you feel about it?

  • peaceful
  • future dividends outweigh present sacrifice
  • does it fit easily within your budget
  • ask, why am i really doing this?

Money is only as good as what money can do for you!!!

The love of money (or the lack of money) is the root of all evil!!!

Using money just like consuming food is built on connections formed in the brain. You can describe those connections in the context of bridges.

  • Shopping and spending money does what for me?
  • Eating certain foods does what for me?

The answer to these two questions are typically the same. Shopping brings comfort. Eating brings comfort. Shopping helps me with stress. I eat when i am stressed.

Cravings for anything always starts with a trigger. Stress is the number one cause of these so called associative triggers.

It takes a month to six weeks to re work connections, bridges and association links. You can't just stop them. They have to be replaced with something more beneficial, healthy for the body and wallet.


  • fruit for doughnut
  • yogurt for ice cream
  • exercise for shopping
  • experiences for gathering more stuff
  • charities / helping others for self absorbed interests, depression

Consistently making good choices makes the difference. Yet having luxurious indulgences have their place as well.

There is nothing wrong with a little dessert!!! And nothing wrong with money splurges as long as all responsibilities are taken care of, the splurges give so much more gratification and satisfaction!

In the long run it pays off! So go ahead eliminate 80% of the waste in your spending and your food choices, building nutrition into your daily life and you are well on your way to a DEBT Fast...


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