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Disadvantages to Working from Home

Updated on June 18, 2013

Hard to Imagine Right?

Everyone dreams of working from home.

No more 9-5. No more answering to a boss. No more relying on someone else for a paycheck.

The thing is there are plenty of positives to working from home; but what few fail to tell you is there are a few negatives too.

1. When you tell people you work from home you may get looks like "oh, so you don't do anything" or "is that just another way of saying you're unemployed?" You'll have to get over your own insecurities of people's opinions or you'll find yourself justifying what you indeed do.

TIP: If you need some kind of justification until you are comfortable enough without it then try getting some business cards printed that contain your name, title and contact information. Those doubters can "verify" you on their own; you've done your part. :)

2. Some people will take advantage of the fact that you do work from home and therefore your production will suffer. How will you get work done if you take those personal calls or reply to every Facebook post you get during the day? People will surely think you do nothing if you are busy posting every half hour. Kids will also take away from your focus and may not understand that mama has to get work done if she's never leaving the house.

TIP: Set a work schedule for yourself and then share it with everyone. This way they'll know you aren't ignoring their calls; you are working!

3. It takes money to make money. Yes, there are plenty of programs out there that promise no costs but the truth is you'll need a computer, a phone line, internet service, etc just to maintain your home office. Are you ready to have these expenses when first starting out?

TIP: When you start planning the transition to a home office set aside some money that will help you sustain these costs for the first six months.

4. Procrastination is your worst enemy. Just because you work from home doesn't mean you can slack off or sit on the couch all day and expect things will get done. Don't wait to til the last minute to take care of business.

TIP: Get any work out of the way first thing in the morning and then you have all day to do other things. Again, stick to the schedule you have set for yourself.

5. If you are not a natural organizer, working from home may be a real challenge for you. Without a boss organizing your day you are left to your own defenses. It's only you.

TIP: Organize yourself and your tasks from day one. Create virtual files, keep appointments on a calendar and if you have to, set reminders on your phone. Whatever it takes to stay organized.

These are all things to consider when looking to begin that journey of working from home. It's not impossible if you are realistic about it. If you still think you are cut out to work from home here are some links to my other hubs with ideas you are welcome to use.


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    • Brilqntin profile image

      Diana 5 years ago

      Great hub! True it gives freedom, joy and balance to work from home but what you describe is a real threat to freelancers who are just starting...

      I would just add - staying active may be a problem. Before I started working from home, I was used to walking to the office - which was a great morning and evening exercise... When I started working from home, it took me months before I realize I miss my walks and weight is oiling up LOL

      Thanks for the great hub again, voted up :-)

    • Bethaleg profile image

      Bethaleg 5 years ago from Minnesota

      I have been working from home for over two years, through two births and one miscarriage and numerous other life events. I agree with your points! The biggest thing for me is learning to say NO when people expect you to be able to do all kinds of things during the day because you are home. You HAVE to work! And other people in your life have to realize that.

      That being said, it IS flexible (my work is, anyway) so there are ways to work around it if you do get interrupted.

      Keep your paperwork organized, especially for taxes! I am still working on that. But filing taxes is a lot easier when you are organized.

      Good work informing others of the reality of working from home.