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Updated on October 2, 2015

Damned From The Start

Cursed I recall hearing this quite often, how if “IF I DIDNT HAVE BAD LUCK I WOULDNT HAVE NONE AT ALL”! Another was, the bible say black folks are cursed. Damn hearing things like this over and over and being given a set of religious beliefs that would sink into my sub conscious and manifest through my conscious life. I know this gets old but the mind really does create a large part of our reality. Many times our curse reside in our thought process which in many cases tie into cultural practices.

A Renewing Of The Mind

It is my opinion we can view the world in its purity from the eyes of an adolescent. Throughout ones upbringing we are nurtured into a moral base. We would be introduced to many outside influences or people who would add to our moral base. I caution one to be careful of what we let soak into our conscious and what we let become our values. Lets examine some of the most successful people you know. Are you successful? Haven't you heard the tired saying “nice guys finish last?” How do your religious beliefs affect your success? While the answers may be simple the object of this book is to make you think about where you are and how did you get there.

Born In Truth Die In Lies

A young child just learning to speak , very well . Id bet you'll discover the purest of truth by interacting with the child or just by observing children interact with one another. Children may often say things that are rude and things that adults would never say openly. You may observe aggressiveness among a group of children. Dominant children preying on the weaker children. I remember being taught about the food chain and cycle of life in the wild. Thing is this is exactly what happens in the human life cycle. The weak and the meek turn the other cheek! When it comes to finances this may result in no food to eat nor a place to sleep. Understand and know fully there is no one you can invest one hundred percent trust in when you seek money and other parts of success. Now sitting here reading this your question maybe as to why I make such a statement. Then again you maybe saying this is nothing you have not heard before. My reasons are from experiences and looking back on them I knew it had a lot to do with my morals. I remember a point of getting whatever I wanted out of life as a young man in my late teens and early twenties. You hear people always saying money is the root to all evil but never hardly hear the quote “ a feast maketh laughter, wine maketh the heart merry, but money answerth all things. My moral foundation was based mostly off the bible. Adding more injury to insult I was taught the most submissive and sub serviant parts of the bible. I know all of the stuff negro christians are taught . Yet never given a doctrine that would give me a strong foundation for success. In that same book called the bible there are things that hindered me yet after further study I've learned there was many things I was not taught that could have definitely helped me. Think about how the Jews use the first five books of the bible and how widely successful they are. Look at how others have found info in the bible to conquer the world and obtain success. This may start to sound like a long conversation about religion and the bible or what not and race. My purpose is to try to shed some insight on how moral structure and culture has a definite affect on your life outcome or better yet income.

I can remember as a kid back in elementary school, I had a runny nose and couldn't do much about it . I had that problem from kindergarten to the fifth grade. I remember keeping tissue in pocket all the time . I was very intelligent as a matter of fact I was academically gifted. For some short time I was in the A.G. Class but not for long due to my conduct. I really didn't talk a lot but would often had to make examples of those picking on my runny nose. I had to deal with people in an aggressive manner to survive elementary. It was from there that I learned the benefits of doing whatever it takes to get the results you desire. My first year of school was when my mother got saved now mind you even before school I was in church with my mom every Sunday. Now with her new life change and devotion to God , I was in church almost everyday. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. Well thinking back I am pretty sure this added to my moral foundation being that I'm in church all the time it seemed like. Thing is what I was learning seemed to make me out as a sinner. Yet the so so called sins netted me positive results and seemed right and exact by logic. I grew up with my mother and father in the same house my dad believes in god and only goes to church for funerals. Even back then it was easy for me to realize as a child that we were quite poor. When the collection plate came around I saw no need of donating though we did. It didn't make sense to give when we needed and barley made it to church. Now I know we were not tithing the ten percent but still back then, three dollars was too much. I would look at the cars many of the members had compared to ours, often times my mother and I prayed on the way to church hoping the damn car wouldn't break down and I remember praying again that it would start up again when church ended.

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