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The Elevation Group: A Review

Updated on December 17, 2011

A Review

I was introduced to the Elevation Group through a friend that had purchased a membership and wanted my opinion on it. As with many achieving wealth information programs there is some valuable information, but typically not enough that you can do anything with it.

This is what I found the Elevation Group to be like. Their main thrust was selling the Infinite Banking concept, which from what I know about this is a legitimate vehicle for wealth creation. The problem with it is the funding of the cash value within the instrument itself. It appears you could possibly do this without having too extremely high of an income, but you are probably going to have to have a minimum of about $12K a year to make it work.

I guess you have to come to the reality that millionaires are not created through membership websites, unless you own the website. At a cost of $600 per year my first question is, "Can I save $600 through the information I'm learning or make at least $600 from the information?" in my opinion the answer to that question is no. However, I would say that I understand finances more than the average person. Therefore, maybe someone who doesn't have financial experience may be able to glean enough information to make the membership fee worthwhile. The one thing I do have to give them credit for is that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  I exercised it!

Infinite Banking

Do you want to learn more about Infinite Banking concept? Well, before you pay the $600 fee to watch 3-4 hours of interviewing that gives you just enough information to whet your whistle check out some of these resources.

Visit Become Your Own Bank to watch a series of videos that will give you some information on this program. While these videos are professionally done and easy to watch they will only leave you a little more information then the Elevation Group. The good news is that these videos are free!

There is another set of videos found at Whole Life Alert. In order to access these videos you have to give your email address. While the videos are a little more cheesy they provide a wealth of information about how this structure works. I have no idea who the guy is that is doing these videos, but he does not come off as some fast selling agent who is trying to get you into something that you will regret later.

You can also check out the website and videos found at what seems to be the official Infinite Banking website. It seems like everyone refers to R. Nelson Nash as the guru of Infinite Banking, so why not start with his book that has been listed below.

I am not endorsing nor discouraging a person from the Infinite Banking concept, but I don't see why you would want to pay $600 to gain information that you can find for free.

Becoming Your Own Banker - ISBN 0972631615

Is That All?

Is Infinite Banking all that the Elevation Group is about? No! They state that they will give you phone numbers to the movers and shakers that will make you rich. What I saw is that they give you phone numbers to the office of people's businesses that you could find in the phone book that will sell you products.

If you want the financial structures that are being sold then you are probably being directed to knowledgeable individuals, but if you are not in the market for that financial instrument then who cares. There are some other articles that are available like, "How to Think Like the Rich." While I didn't read the article I would assume it is worth ready, but not for $600. You can find many such articles for free or buy some very well know books like, The Millionaire Next Door for a few bucks.

You will also have access to some interviews with Mike Maloney. Mike is a wealth of information in precious metals and has a best seller on the market called, "Gold and Silver." I highly recommend the book having read it. Mike has a website called, Wealth Cycles for which he sells a membership. The information he gives in the interviews with the Elevation Group can be found on his website for free.

In my opinion the way to wealth is not paying $600 to find out how you can spend more money. In the Elevation Group, there are many references to Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Robert's opinions can easily be found in his multitude of videos, articles, and books that are very easily accessible.

Within the content of this site you can find out about the devaluation of the dollar, the potential of gold and silver and a lot of other content about the real state of the economy. Again, the information is good information, but it can be obtained for free elsewhere. For instant, if you want to receiving timely updates on the devaluation of the dollar, inflation, and commodities that are increasing sign up for the National Inflation Associations free newsletter. They have a multitude of free videos that will give you more information then the Elevation Group.

Finally, there is a business opportunity. You can sell memberships and make a few bucks. Not a bad deal if you want your family and friends to spend several hundreds of dollars in order to obtain information that they could find for free using Google.

I would say that your $600 will go a lot further toward your wealth staying in your pocket then paying for the subscription service that they offer.


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    • profile image

      Claas 5 years ago

      Very good review and quite helpful. Since I have written a book dealing with the wider subject, I can confirm that from what is advertised in The Elevation Group is probably accessible for free or through a couple of cheaper books. Interesting that Gonzalo Lira is participating, who himself has a similar paid group service.

      Still, if someone doesn't have the time to do research but has the money lying idle to invest, 600 bucks seem reasonable to get it summed up. After all, condensing information is work too. What would be even more useful though, would be a detailed optional consulting service/support that can - for extra fees - go into necessary individual details.

      Understanding the grand concepts is an important step but to implement "your own bank" or quickly turning PMs into real estate and cheap stocks when blood is on the streets is a whole different matter.

    • profile image

      Annette 5 years ago

      Thank you just gotta check out everything before I pay and pay. If I can get it for free and save for money to invest more's the better.

      Mike is a marketer and is putting a package together that is free for others.

    • profile image

      shaun 5 years ago

      Good review restores sanity

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Thanks for the head up.

      Keep on hubbing!