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The Financial Crisis, Who Really Cares

Updated on October 16, 2011

What Does Real Concern Translate To?

As I often do I go through my mind trying to look at a way to solve a crisis as it continues to press upon my mind. In my anxiety to want to solve problems I often try to come up with possible solutions to solving major problem that affect massive populations. The American public is perplected with a crisis that has revealed a tun kof emotions from hate, anger indifferance, selfishness, and inindigniry. People are enraged at corporate America which is not much likely toa change, they are frustrated with wealth which produces an array of excemptions in American taxes which is not likely to change very much if at all. The problem with this is that a lot of these wealthy people and corporations influance politics whether its municipal, state or federal politics.

The question that I am pondering is just how unselfish are the American general public. Does John Q. Public really care and are they willing to prrove it? Is this just a lot of showmanship? Wh o would be willing to help their states to overdome a shortage of money and would the federal government step in and then take advantage of this? I have come to the conclusion that the financial world as well as the political world is set up on protecting its on goals, those being to continue to have a controling hand and wielding its power upon its subjects thus believing this will keep it strong. The financial work wants to stay above the croud and continue to boast of something that is hard to come by thus making them unique to the common every American. This type of pride causes them to continue to regulate America to death, keeping a majority of people poor or just above poverty.

This thinking has lead me to think of just how many people are prepared to do what it takes to help their country and if so how would the government react? I have always believed that good can be extracted even from evil by learning how to prevent or handle or solve ongoing problems.

I have often questioned believ and dependancy upon God and the Bible but I have always kept an open mind, believing that good can be extracted from faith as it can anything else. Talk is cheap and criticism if not constructive, by extracting possible good ideas, is worthless.

In keeping this in mind I have come upon an idear which I feel would be useful in building upon more stable and strong financial conditions within every state. First of all this program would not be affected by Federal and state taxes as they are already in place. It would be a public trust program whch depended upon the public's willingness to help itself create more jobs across the states.

I propose creating a ;ublic trust account either to be bidded upon by banks or set up within each state treasury. It would stricted regulated and not allowed to charge exorbant fees and a designated amount of this money would be designated to pay for the e4xtra work involved in implementing this program.

How would this plan work? Let's set up a scenerio. If all prophetsharing plans, 401k plans and the like even not-for-profit plans were subjected to a simple state tax which would be implemented by each individual state to build up its treasury to pay its bills which would in turn filter down in to more state hiring which would then crate more salaries which would create more spending, and the possibility of more small businesses thus improving the economy.

If just 10 cents of each dollar from each financial plan such as these plans that I have mentioned above were impemented this would substancially boost all state treasuries. Numbers make all the difference. From the meakest to the largest of all these financial savings and retirements plans this money would multiplied significantly. It wouuld then only require a small percentage of this money to pay for extra workers and feasable banking fee. Interest on this money would ten be applied to these funds thus boosting the overal savings.

I further propose that some type of incentive be given to people who volenteer this type of deduction from their individual plans on a fiscal yearly basis. Furthermore I propose the people who also allow a 5 percent deduction of their relvolving paychecks be deducted to this fund would recieve some type of incentive to partisipate. making this a separate program from all other state and federal programs would make it work but here agan it would depand upon the willingness of politicians and fananciers to put it in action.

I would advise anyone who is looking at my proposal not to shoot it down so quickly if you do not have suggestions toward implementing it better are a whole new plan. I believe that this plan is based upon honest caring and the willingness to avoid corruption if this program should be allowed to go fourth.

We have a tendancy to make things complicated if they sound too simple either because we want to look smart or because we do not agree with it. I am a true believer that things get complicated naturally based upon what you want to do. Such expressions as highend, advanced technology, a techno minded society, contribute to thinking as well as just plain greed and selfishness.

So much of what we do is selfcentered and that is not all bad if its done in a way to help others. For instance if I for stiffening laws againt drunk drivers because my love one was killed by a drunk driver and these laws are applied then they help everyone as well On the other hand if I am against something because it takes away my notoriety and prestiege and limits my control then this harmful.

Calling somone a socialist because he wants to allow every a common platform to do well is just plain selfishness. If we are content not to care about anyone else other than our friends and our families, if we continue to turn our backs upon what is not good in our communities as long as its not in our backyards, then I ask you What kind of God do you believe in or what kind of religion do you have? On the other hand if you have total dependancy upon Goid, how realistic is that? Do ;you not have mouth to speak, hands and feet, eyes that see, and amind to think.

Its up to us. If we don't work to improve our conditions, then who will?


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