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The GDI Scam: What You Need To Know

Updated on January 27, 2017

There are a lot of skeptics out there currently doubting the legitimacy of GDI. With this discovery, I have decided to look into it and find out myself. To state my findings in a frank and summarized manner; there is no GDI scam.

In spite of the slandering of the company, GDI continues to provide a reliable, yet necessary product worldwide. What I have also found is that regardless of the company's accolades, critics will always be just that; a critic.

What in the world is GDI?

So what is GDI? Global Domains International is the sole provider of the ".ws" extension. Many years ago during the dot com explosion, many extensions followed. As companies ran out of suitable ".com" domains to represent their online identities. Something had to be done.

The founders of GDI, Alan Ezeir and Michael Starr, managed to patent the idea of the "website", or ".ws". More than ten years later they have proved that there is no GDI scam. Thousands of families worldwide have made great incomes from home because of GDI; including myself.

These days, GDI provides trusted online business solutions through web hosting. Aside from their reliable tools. GDI gives anyone the opportunity to increase income by becoming business affiliates. The main reason why there is no GDI scam is because there is preliminary paperwork involved. Before anyone can become an affiliate, they have to complete (and submit) a W-9 tax form.

Before I joined, it was made clear to me that until I completed it I would not get paid. Of course, I understood. What reputable company would be willing to pay you under the table; and why? GDI was listed as a Top 50 Fastest Growing USA Company by Inc. 500. I don't think that they would jeopardize that achievement only to cheat the general public.

The notion of a GDI scam is truly far fetched. You will realize this within the first minute of logging into your GDI back office. There are endless training, as well as marketing materials. I am involved with several internet businesses, but I have you to find one as all-inclusive as GDI. A main benefit of the GDI product is having your own domain.

How does look? Well, what do you think about having as your personal email address? GDI's email server has never frustrated me with slow messages or even a spam issue. It is surprising how powerful it is; especially for a company that has it's fair share of doubters.

Rest assured, there is no GDI scam. The company is so confident of this, they offer a trial for you to see for yourself. For every one slander you find on the internet, there will be at least five positive reviews. Oddly enough, those that have ill feelings about GDI are not making any money in it at all. One thing that I have learn in the internet business industry is that if you're not earning, you're not learning. Once you learn effective marketing strategies, you can make money at anything.


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