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The Hartford Insurance Account Login -

Updated on January 4, 2012


General Profile

In the largest investment and insurances fields The Hartford name is high as well as Fortune 500 Company. There are many companies which are playing very important role to serve the society. Amongst all the companies The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc is one of recommended name which is popularly known as The Hartford, in America for insurances and investment plans.

The Hartford Life and Auto insurance group had gathered the assets of about 22.4 billion US dollars and there are more than 1.5 million customers are registered and access their online account. The two main areas of their services include property, casualty and life insurance policies.

Many of the policies which are imparted by this company are life care and cover, medical, health investment, annuities, employees, group, business, development plans, and some plans for college students for their savings.

How to Login

  • Exit members open: and go to ‘Account Access’ (Top right side) OR go to
  • On the new opened page select your service (that you want to use)
  • Enter your ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ on new opened page
  • Select ‘Login’ button
  • Forgot User ID or Password?’ tab will help you to recover lost information
  • New registration available at:


Login Screen

Services Summarization

In the starting period of their establishment they only had 15,000 dollars on their hands. But with firm determination and serving virtue they had made their name on to the top list by availing benefits to the company and also to their clients.

Talking about The Hartford out sourcing services which basically inculcates sportsmanship spirit among the athletes is by donating some amount as a part of the charity. Their online portal is also furnished with variety of facilities which can guide and train the new clients and insist them for various benefits of the policies.

The two main pillars on which their working depends are of investment and insurances. Their subparts include mutual funds for development plans along with annuities, individual accounts and the second branch includes automotive and home insurance, life insurances for the home members of the employees, and disability policies for those who had lost their confidence to live their life.

Online claiming of the policy as well as 24/7 agents’ help is also availed on The Hartford official site In addition to all the above mentioned services their agents and financial advisors are also playing vital role for The Hartford. Some brokers are also out sourcing the policy requirements in private and corporate sector.


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