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The Idolatry of Xmas

Updated on December 10, 2011

Dishonored God

In the Roman calendar, the month of December is the celebration of a milestone of events as most people are engaged in travel down the road of life to fulfilling their destiny.

It marks the completion of months before the New Year begins; the favorite month for Banks and other financial institution. For this is the month in which the baits and the traps that has been lured by credit card companies and the other businesses who put an implied demand on the consumer to buy, even without necessity, reaches their culmination. The month of December has been idolized by the market place and set to bring in ridiculous profits to their coffers.

Therefore, at the beginning of year in the month of January, while the owners of these financial institutions go to their various places of high end vacations “the serfs”, mostly out of necessity to come to an agreement with their financial balances, must go back to laboring for another 12 months so that they may pay their debt in order to have credit for the coming year.

This subliminal manipulation of the consumer has been horrendous. They have listened to the various advertisers coupled with certain hot spots in the consumer’s life, for instance; greed, false security, jealousy and competitiveness.

Now, should the birth of Christ be really the focus of Christmas, then we would see a change in the spiritual attitude of this nation.

But sin have overtaken this land and at the season that they have nicknamed “Xmas”, the season of hustle and a bustle, when those that live in the south of the city will travel north and those that live east will go west, ignoring the cost of gas and time to purchase two pairs of stockings for your boss who has been considering eliminating your job at your place of employment.

We have neglected the true meaning of Christmas and so we have dishonored God in our frivolous meaning given to the birth of His Son. We have even changed the name of the holiday to "Xmas" because of the burning conviction on our hearts that the focus is not pointed in the right direction. What business does a oversize white man with long beard and a red nose demon called Rudolph have to do with the birth of Christ? Does Jesus celebrate Santa Clause? Is there a place for him in heaven? Why is the place of entrance into your house always the chimney and never the doorway?

The christmas deception has overtaken the Church and has caused men to dishonor the mighty God.

This dishonor has been felt throughout the nation in the falling off of tithes and offerings in the Church, partly because Christians have gone into debt to the spirit of Xmas. They have been committing idolatry with the belief that since every one is supporting Xmas, that it's a show of love. But be careful that the love that you are exhibiting is not to the thief coming by way of your chimney to steal your children's heart but to the Son of God.

And since it's His birthday that you are celebrating, have you forgotten His gift or have you provided a life that is spotless, holy, consecrated and filled with joy?

We have drifted from loving God, which was the first commandment, to loving the created self.

What that means is that we have taken God's authority and placed it in the hands of men.

Question is, will men be able to save you from your enemies which are fast approaching?

I believe unless there is a great repentance then this is just the calm before the storm!

Pastors and other ministers of the Gospel whom God has called into the ministry are now working as waiters and cab drivers because we have given dominion to the kingdom of self

The year of December 2010, spending in the Market Place for gifts to put under the Christmas tree has superseded the last 10 years.

The Church has fallen short; they have dishonored God for they said that they had no money for God but it has been shown that they have more than enough Money for Santa Clause and his Xmas gimmick.


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