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The iPhone SE Is the Best Phone for Struggling College Students

Updated on April 9, 2018

What Happened

Spring break had just started. All my friends and I were getting ready for two wonderful weeks filled with zero stress or so I thought. On the second day of my vacation I sadly, dropped my iPhone 5 in the toilet. I'm already aware that were living in a world full of iPhone X's. As a full time college student supporting myself, buying the new iPhone every so often didn't fit the budget. Until I came a crossed the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE was the perfect upgrade for me in all the right ways: financially, socially, and aesthetically.


March 31st 2016 is when the iPhone SE came out but, it wasn't until last week I finally noticed it. When the iPhone SE first came out the phone was priced at $300-400 and still is. But if you search on Craigslist ,ebay, and even Walmart you can find the phone listed between $100-200. At a college student perspective, that's a big save; almost $100 you can save on groceries next week. Because the phone came out 2 years ago and Apple is constantly coming out with new phones the attention is taken away from the iPhone SE making it less expensive. This is way it makes the best alternative apple phone upgrade for college students. Even though wee may be restricted financially, we can still enjoy the new upgrades the Iphone 6 has only in an iPhone 5.

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Like I stated before, it's 3018 and i still had an iPhone 5. After 2 years of owning it, and I bought it used before the 2 years, my phone became extremely out of date. I would attempt to update the phone to the latest update and would crash because it was to much for it to handle. Which ment that I could only have 2 apps in my phone, which was instagram and pinterest. It could only hold 500 pictures or less and struggled with dropped calls. When your trying to call your mm and vent about how stressful finals week is while your calls keep dropping adds in to the buffet of stress. But, with the iPhone SE it has all the fresh new updates. Instead of only having apps I can download any app I want. In fact, my calls have been a lot smoother and clearer. I can hear the person on the other line so much better. The iPhone SE can send more than just a text. You can send a "digital touch", a fun way to decorate pictures and videos, the latest emoji's and my favorite apple pay. Communicating with friends and family have never been easier.


On top of all the benefits of an iPhone SE is how goof it looks and it knows it. Personally, I got my phone in rose gold which was very new to me when the iPhone 5 never had that option. The iPhone SE comes in four intriguing colors: white, black, rose gold and gold. These colors will make your phone look more like a fashion accessory. The iPhone SE is smaller than the iPhones, 6, 8, X, etc.. It has the body of an iPhone 5 but, the brains of an iPhone 6. For a girl on a budget you got to still be looking good some how.

5 stars for iPhone SE


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