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Is There the Law of Wealth?

Updated on January 19, 2013

Is there the law of wealth? Is there a law that can explain why John is wealthy and Jim is not?

If your answer is John worked hard or John discovered a technique or John is smart while Jim lacks or relatively lacks these qualities, I am afraid none of these things bring me closer to a law that absolutely explains why John is wealthy and Jim is not.

We can always find smarter, more hardworking, and those using the same strategy as John does that are not as wealthy as Jim.

What should then happen that I am absolutely convinced as mathematical certainty that there is a law of wealth which John could use either consciously or without actually understanding the law that Jim did not?

While I may not or anyone at this point of time might not have discovered that law, what we can be absolutely sure is that there is a law of wealth or law of attraction that attracts wealth to those that have consciously or accidently used that law.

Every phenomenon, and every event in the universe can be explained scientifically. There is a causal relationship that explains an effect such as a person becoming wealthy. While such a relationship can be discovered easily in science through controlled experiments, the same is difficult to be identified with absolute certainty in the realm of human affairs.

However, those that have considerable experience in this area say you can attract wealth if you develop certain qualities. These qualities are not just the qualities of a virtuous person but go even beyond.

Should you determine to attract wealth you must learn to give. Now I don’t find much problem is accepting this law. The theory of circulation of money in economics is quite similar. For a healthy economy, the wealth must circulate much in the same way as blood circulates in your body to keep you healthy and fit.

Stop the circulation of money and the economy dies. Stop giving wealth and you choke the flow of money passing you. At the spiritual level, I see a much greater merit in this law of wealth.

Currency notes and coins have a symbolic representation in the wealth within. The wealth is wealth because it brings happiness. Give it some body and you are actually giving that person happiness. There is the law of science and the law of spirituality alike that says every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

“Equal and opposite reaction” needs further clarification. The “opposite” here is the direction. When you give money it goes away from you, the opposite reaction ensures money comes to you. The money that comes to you is not equal in terms of quantum of money you give. It is equal in terms of happiness that you give. When you give a five dollar bill to someone that desperately needed five dollars, you are not giving away just five dollars but probably a great amount of happiness. Probably, at that point of time the happiness for that person might have meant reaching their home safely, meeting their beloved ones in time, or probably that five dollar could purchase for him something really essential and urgent.

The person blesses you, expresses his gratitude, wishes you well. His soul has already broadcast the message of his happiness to the universe. Even when you make an anonymous donation, the law of wealth operates.

It is really crucial that you must give happily. You must feel real contented when you give. Your giving must be accompanied by an inner joy. If you curse, feel bad, and repent the loss, you attract those very things. That’s what you affirm and that’s what you get in consequence.

Now you might say there are miser people who never give and yet they are wealthy. They are not. Their money does no good to them nor to the others. They appear wealthy but actually they live in poverty. They eat cheap. They do not enjoy the finer things of life.

But how did they attract wealth in the first place. They pinched pennies. They collected coins diligently, assiduously devoting themselves to this sole enterprise of their life. They are the keepers and gardeners of the orchards the fruits of which they never taste. There is absolutely no doubt that there is the law of wealth.


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