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The Many Uses And Benefits Of Shelf Stable Whipping Cream

Updated on March 4, 2013

So anyone who is trying to make a food storage, or have things in their cupboard that are shelf stable, just in case, there is something that is pretty new to get excited about. One of the hard things to find for preppers is good dairy, you know milk, butter and even cheese. So the solution may be here, or at least a few solutions anyway. So now there is shelf stable whipping cream and you won’t pay huge prices, 27 8 ounces cartons for around a dollar a pop. You can find the wonderful creation at Trader’s Joe, or order it online at campingsurvival. Best part is they don’t have crazy shipping if you go the online route as many prepping sites may do.

So why is this so awesome? Well because there is so much you can do with this product? Glad you asked.


With a little whipping, it makes whipping cream, pretty simple, add a bit of powdered sugar and vanilla and you have a great topping for any cake.


Less people know that with whipping cream, if you whip it past the stage of whipped cream, it will actually separate into butter and buttermilk. The ability to make fresh butter in any circumstance is awesome and with a little salt, you will have some of the best butter you have ever made. The buttermilk is good for making biscuits and other recipes. Some even choose to drink it straight.


There are many pasta sauces that can be made with cream. A quick alfredo sauce can be made with some cream, butter, garlic and parmesan. All of those should be in your food storage now, so you can eat well no matter what. Other sauces can be made like carbonara, as well as using the cream for many baking uses and can be used as milk in many recipes.

It last for about 6 months according to the label, however after contacting the company they said it will last up to a year if stored properly. So that can be a nice add to your food storage, very versatile and last a while. It also is cheaper than fresh cream that you buy at the store. Also another bonus is the fact that it takes so much less whipping then with traditional whipping cream, so just be careful that once the separation occurs you don’t reinstitute the butter and milk.

So it may not be the best thing since white bread, but it is a nice add on to any food storage, or to have it around the house for when you run out.


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