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The Most Useful Filler Items for Amazon Super Saver Shipping

Updated on June 23, 2014

If you are like me you love shopping on Amazon. Hopefully you know all about how to receive free shipping through Amazon's Super Saver Shipping program. One common problem people have with Super Saver Shipping is not being able to reach the $25 minimum, usually coming up a few items short. If you do come up a few dollars or cents short for Amazon Super Shipping it is usually cheaper to find a cheap item that qualifies for Super Saver Shipping called a filler to boost your total price of items up to $25 and receive free shipping than to just pay for the shipping itself. One problem however is that most of the easy to find filler items are usually not very useful and end up being junk, below is a list of cheap and useful filler items that qualify for Super Saver Shipping.

Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

If you have a cat this cat toy which qualifies for Super Saver Shipping will come in handy for you. This item is usually between $2-3 so if you need about another dollar or two to reach super saver shipping this item will do the trick. Aside from being useful and cheap this item also has very high reviews so your cat will most likely love this toy and so will your wallet. Furthermore if you were to buy this type of item at a pet store it would likely run you $5+ so this is truly a great deal for this toy free shipping or not!

Bic Pens

If you are like me you are constantly losing pens. You're in luck if you need to add a few dollars to your Amazon cart to qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping because these pens qualify and the $2 you spend on them may knock $10 or more from your shipping costs. Although the picture has blue pens they are also available in black or red.

Vitalife Chicken and Banana Recipe Wraps Dog Treats

If you have a dog this Amazon Super Saver Shipping Filler item may be right for you. While these are not the healthiest dog treats dogs do love them and they are only about $2. Buying these dog treats will give your dog a treat and possibly save you a ton of money on shipping.

Body Solid Tools 1 pound Dumbbell

This dumbbell usually costs about $2 qualifying for Super Saver Shipping and is a great product if you like to work out with this type of equipment.

Van Gogh Notebooks for Notes

Theses small "Van Gogh Notebooks" are small notebooks that come in handy for taking notes that simply have a beautiful painting on the front. These notebooks are around $1.50 each and are a great filler item for super save shipping if you need to add $1.50 or less to your Amazon cart to qualify for Super Saver.

In conclusion...

While there are other websites on filler items for Amazon Super Saver Shipping these are by far the most useful I have found. Most sites dedicated strictly to "filler items" are small items such as nuts or bolts that are not very useful although they could save you money overall on shipping.


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