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The Mysterious Way People Try to Sell on the Internet LOL

Updated on May 7, 2009

Must be a lost Art

I have encountered many odd and self defeating ways one can sell on the Craigslist or Ebay. While this hub pertains to buying a car online, it could apply to anything.

The manner some advertise their car on Craigslist or Ebay is quite stupid. Having done this a few times, a pattern of seller emerges.

  • A seller who knows how to lure the buyer by providing answers to the most common questions most ask about a car. Provides contact info. Responds to any enquiry in a courteous manner. Provides pictures.
  • A seller who provides bare bones data about the car commonly asked. Contact info. May or may not respond. Provides only a few photos.
  • A seller who provides only an overview of the car but no real hard data about its condition and no photos! provides contact info.
  • A seller who, like in the second one, provides bare bones but getting information out of them is like pulling teeth. Getting their cooperation seems to be a nuisance to them.
  • A seller who posts a bare bones ad of car for a friend. Yet fail to include any contact info!
  • Same as the above, but provides contact but never responds to questions.
  • A seller who posts a photo and the briefest of description. Contact takes several attempts and their response is, they know nothing about the car!

All except the first one are how NOT to sell the item or car you want to get rid of. From the 3rd one down, a seller is guaranteed to not sell the item, most buyers are very turned off by sellers who refrain from answering questions, being unresponsive and uncooperative, it creates serious distrust.

These sellers are only hurting their goal. When selling any car, act as if you were buying the car, what kinds of standard questions would you ask? Duh! Why not simply list the most common questions most will ask in the ad. This will help you and the buyer.

Common questions are: mileage, paint condition, is the car operational? if not, why., brakes, engine condition, what needs to be done on the car, what have you repaired, windshield, any outstanding issues, car interior, rust problems and damage, tires etc. Provide as much info as you can because odds are you will get that question and why answer it over and over again?


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