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The New Fundraising for Kids

Updated on April 18, 2016
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still selling candy for funds?Use social media to bring in profit
still selling candy for funds?
still selling candy for funds?
Use social media to bring in profit
Use social media to bring in profit

The New Trend

As a parent I am sure that you have your child involved in a variety of activities, sports, dance, music and art lessons, theater, scouting etc. Every group and organization at some point fundraises for this or that activity and program. You name it and it's out there to be funded. There's a new trend on the horizon. Using the linking power of social media, e-mail, and texting to connect with people and to raise money for your child's project. Kids are more and more involved with social media these days and many of them have phones of their own. Many are better at it than adults are. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others are all the rage. Like it or not they are here to stay. If your kids online then why not maximize that potential?

Now it's easier than ever to raise money for your child.
Now it's easier than ever to raise money for your child.

The New Fundraising Sites

Gofundme is a good starting point. You may also consider a online t-shirt selling program. Go Fund Me is probably the easiest online fundraiser. You create a free account. Next you write up your support pitch. Add in specifically what you will be doing and how people will help by giving funds. Include a personal story. Finish with a call to action. Be sure to add in several good pictures and at least one video. Create a specific link for your campaign.Then you can share it on Facebook and Twitter. Then send out e-mails from your campaign page. Write down your link and post a picture to Instagram and add the link to your post. Then post every day and start sending e-mails. Make a call list and call 5 people a week until the money comes in or the time to raise the money is over.

A Online T-Shirt Program

Another great idea for your child's fundraiser is to create a online t-shirt selling campaign. There are several online you just need to do a little research to find the one right for you. Most operate the same way. You will need to register with them for free. The following step is to design a t-shirt. Don't know how to design something or bad at art? No worries they already have some wonderful design and quotes and great colors for shirts available. If you are good at designing then you can load your very own design. Share about why your raising money? What is your kid involved in? How will people be helping your kid by buying a t-shirt? Now you post to social media. You're done! From what I've seen seen sites take care of the ordering for you. Donors buy a shirt from you online and ten the order goes through and the shirt is sent to them! How wonderful is that!

Creative Fundraising Ideas


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