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The Perfect Living Arrangement for Retirement

Updated on May 20, 2014


One of the most difficult decisions you make as an adult is the selecting the location where you will live, plant your roots, and call a town your home. There are many positives and negatives that you must balance when making this crucial decision. If circumstances do not force a move, many of us will remain in one home for the vast majority of our adult lives. We select a location to raise a family, and will stay there until the kids have all moved away. We gain familiarity with our surroundings and do not wish to upset our daily routine. We grow as a family, and moving is something we dread doing, especially with children. So, we end up staying put for many years. After the kids have left, many are so attached to their home that they will stay in them until the day has come for them to pass on and leave this place. That is not always the wisest decision.

A great alternative

One of the best options for you as you grow older is to move into an adult community. Most of these communities are 55 and older, meaning that your neighbors will all be in the same age range as you are, and most likely the same living situation, either retired, close to retiring, or working part time. There is no need for you to have a large home as you grow older, especially if it is just you and your spouse. There was a time when you house felt too small to accommodate the size of your family, but now it seems like a mansion. You struggle to get the energy to do your yard work, and the upkeep on the house is becoming quite a burden. There is always something to fix or repair, and you are constantly cleaning, even in rooms you barely use. It is time to downsize and move into a community where things are easier for you as you move into your golden years.

Living is easy

When you move into an adult community, you immediately reduce your living expenses. You no longer have to take care of a large home, but will get a small one or two bedroom condominium, or townhouse. You have many options of designs and layouts to choose from, one of which will fit your particular style. You can choose from a number of ideal locations, close to home, or scattered throughout the country. You can select a community where some of your friends have settled, or make a whole new set of acquaintances.


The center of life at an adult community is the clubhouse. There are a myriad of activities that are planned at the clubhouse. There are dinners, events, parties, and other social gatherings. The community also schedules day trips to local attractions, organizes weekend jaunts to tourist spots, or week long vacations to overseas destinations. You can organize a ride to the local shops; go to the movies, or a round of golf. The options are endless and the extent you participate is entirely your decision. Opportunities are everywhere, and that is all you can ask for out of life.


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