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Why Would Anyone Give You a Low Score?

Updated on April 16, 2019
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People are only known for what they do consistently. If you want to be known for something, you must do it long enough to become known.

My Grandson, Adam Mayer!
My Grandson, Adam Mayer! | Source

What You Do Is Who You Are!

Why Would Anyone Give You a Low Score?

In dedication to my grandson, Adam Shane Mayer; and if I could speak at his graduation, this is the commencement I would give.

-Rarely is one action enough to change the world, or to gain worldwide recognition. Unless it is a bomb dropped or an extreme heroic action, it may only spur local news coverage. It may not even be noticed beyond your circle, your cubicle or your sports club. But the thing that a person accomplishes on a consistent basis will inevitably be noticed and soon enough people are watching and listening, wanting to know more about you and perhaps to see how high and great your achievement will be. Is this another Einstein, Wright brother, or perhaps the next Tiger Woods, they ask? What I'm saying is that though you do something tremendous, its one single time, then its seen as a flash in the pan, or a fluke or a lucky strike; unless, unless, unless, you hit the bulls eye so many times the world takes notice and suddenly you are a superstar! Now, also there are those who are scientists and researchers and their works are so intrinsically in the background, they may never be known to the public, but perhaps their name will be on the credits, list of creators, or in the back of medical journals. We don't want to forget the unseen and unsung hero's! Needless almost to say, you become a well known athlete once you break a record or two. Suddenly you're in the news, on talk shows, or featured in online media ads..

Some claim the path to success by becoming knowledgeable, and becoming expert in their field, receiving honors and recognition through their life works. Others have no thought to degrees or recognition and recklessly pursue sometimes dangerous careers, chasing their dreams, and trying to live a life worthy of living.

Abruptly I stop. Sharing this with you is very invasive, and could be debilitating to some, but here goes! The reason you get low scores is that you are depending on others to set your score. Your worth is being upgraded and downgraded by people who don't know you and may never meet you. I'm actually writing something right now that is ego-destroying of people who let others set the score; or to evaluate them for their worth and achievements. This is ultimately why some people fail, void of self-value, and worthy of much higher marks than if others set their worth. Example: The moment you become dependent on someone else setting your score, you have opened the road for failure and defeat. IF you are mentally interdependent on what others think of you, or of what you do, you are at least potentially vulnerable. Unfortunately, the world is cocooned around us in a way that we are taught that society provides our grade, our score, and that if you aren't in the popular segment of the class, or if you don't have the normal and expected skill sets, then you are less than > average.

If you remain dependent on this mindset, you will not only kill your own ambition, goals, achievements and stop numerous pursuits you would otherwise undertake if you had more positive popularity rating. If you've ever watched a high spirited horse in his equestrian antics, that moment in his own domain, with nothing to stop him being loose and free and creative above all creatures; then alas, you may miss the point of this message. But the same feeling and release of imprisonment may also happen with other expressions of creatures and humans within your life, and the important lesson, is not to let anything come between or spoil this world shaking discovery of individuality. You are meant to be who you are, and the message is; “YOU CANNOT DARE LET ANY ONE UNDERSCORE YOU OR YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS!”

When we attend institutions of higher education, we hope there are teachers who passionately inspire us to learn and to achieve great height of understanding through their efforts. Sadly this is not always true. A true imparting of excellence from one to another includes the core of fact, and the depth of comprehension, and yes, the understanding of why this is. It has no reflection on either the teachers person, or of the learners character, except in the purpose that we have received the treasure.

Treasures have values: 1) they have their own objective value, based on what they are. 2) they reflect the depth of the search of the owner. The result; the personal ownership is of these two parts. That being said, a treasure can be tangible or non-tangible. The main treasure could could be an object you are able to put in a bag and fold in your robes and be known as a rich person, or it could just be the knowledge itself. We also must note, the wise man/astronomer who knows the mystery of the universe could be as much a rich man as the one with the treasure contained in the bag, and hidden in his robes of fame or worldly importance. “Therefore my beloved, Be not fooled by the deceitfulness of riches, or of the faulty opinions of others.” (revised version)

So, to review, the scores that most of us would set for ourselves would be fairly low. Yet, the score others would set for you will also be fairly low also, correct? People, whether experts or not, seem to always be more than glad to assign your score. Who will you believe? Which opinion will you let control or change your life?

At one time in life, while attending university, my English 3 professor made me work very hard and write many essays, and sometimes I wrote the same one over and over, in order to receive a C plus or a B minus. I still appreciate the diligence she showed to my education. In Junior College, my economics professor gave me an A for the class because I attended faithfully, took his tests well and showed interest in the class. I did learn a lot from him, but was I truly an “A” student? In his opinion I was. Again at university level another English instructor took me and all the class to task on the subject of “The Holocaust” and in our essays we were to show our our personal level of 'enlightenment” through our knowledge, but not through “experience”. We all received a moderately good grade for “effort”!

Likewise, while in the building trades, a friend and employer would come by daily and say “men, I really appreciate your “efforts”. We somehow felt praised, but humbled at the very same time. I was installing the plumbing and heating system piping for his professional building. I knew I was doing a very excellent job at it. I was too young however to know how good it really was and what the prevailing wages proffered out on the ritzy boulevard of life. But this was a earmark standard of evaluation that all of us will receive at certain times in our lives if we are trying to do well.

I want to ask, are you a failure just because someone else says you are? I know many of us had parents who perhaps at times told us we would never make it. We have now come to realize that it was their fears and frustrations that made them to say those things and hopefully we forgive them. But what about those same epitaphs when given by those who are virtually strangers to us? A metaphor: - the very best farmer in the valley, took his very best crop of beets, to the same market for almost a decade and was always awarded an A plus on his crop. He was always paid top dollar. This year, the economics had changed and the very same buyer graded his beets at a C plus, and offered him 30 % less per lb. than in previous years. The farmer went home quite devastated; he was resigned and asked his wife what was he was doing wrong, now that his farming techniques had failed? Her only possible answer to him was “ Honey, I don't think you have failed, because I believe in you!” -But the damage was already done and he was discouraged. It follows that he had to work very hard to overcome that setback, and I don't personally know the end of the story. ONLY YOU KNOW. What will you do when someone else sets you and your value at a 30% loss? How much do you believe in yourself, and what you can make out of your life? Are you willing to let others set the score? Or will you shine in the good years, and survive when its bad? Life and its scores, ratings, grades, all of it is subject to change. The only “constant comment” of your life is whats in you. Are you a winner? Please say yes. I want to say, for your own protection and preservation, please determine yourself to be a winner! Never give up when someone else says its lousy. Spit out the sour and ride out the storm. The wind is changing, and with effort, you will ride the invisible currents of life's success. The energies that are inside of you proclaim your success. Whether from your faith, your upbringing, or from your deep down belief in yourself of who God made you to be, hold on! Some would call this entire article a flop because I just said that, but they would only do so because of the void in them, not knowing what I know. Its ok. I know that many people don't believe (like I do) that Adam and Eve were the first cave dwellers, and that they were led there by God to live in what they called the cave of treasures. There is an ancient manuscript, part of the original Bible that declares this to be so. You can believe it or not believe it, I don't care, except that I know you must realize these first occupants of earth had to live somewhere and that God did not quit loving them or caring for them when their mistakes cost them ownership of the first paradise. Whats important now is there is a second paradise to be found, and it starts with us, by believing that we are supposed to one day own it.

Some people live their entire life and never realize there is purpose for them to live. History shows names and ancestries of indigenous peoples over the past ages have great historical fulfillment and have achieved extraordinary things by virtue of their intelligence even with sometimes primitive senses. People like the Egyptians are known for scientific discovery, industrial greatness, math and astronomy. What civilizations are you familiar with? What about your ancestry, their talents and their strengths?

You will never make history by relying on the scores of others. In some humorous way, we are the score-keepers for those out on the public soap boxes of society. Remember that you are “one” and that this number is important. Simply put “ you are someone”. No one can lessen your value, or take away this nucleus of who you are as long as you are alive and are making the effort to succeed. Though some try to undermine you, or take away your possessions, they can never truly own you or break you if you continue to own your own spirit. Nothing derogatory is meant here. Sure, we know that our spirit is given us and we have our 80 years or so to have a go at life. But what we do with it, and if we really tap into that resource of life within us is supersonic.

Who else out there should control us? Are we dumb enough to let government, society, or even church's exploit us and control us? Or question our originality? Within your lifetime don't you care about exploring your potential for achievement? To climb your own mountains? To find your own treasures and springs from which to drink and refresh your life-force? To seek whats inside of you? Something tells me that many, many individuals of our society have lived and passed on without ever having a clue about these things. They have accepted the grades, the opinions and the scores of second grade teachers, society experts, and those in general who with their various degrees of medical and psychological pursuit now have the right to assess the value of other humans.

Damn the scores, break the barriers of expectation and make headlines by coming out as YOU! You are the best “you” there is! “Oh my, did someone say I was gonna be great some day, what a joke that is!”, is the mentality of some of us when we walk down the isle to receive our diploma. Demonstrably, I'm declaring the opposite, and you should too! You were meant to be somebody and to make a difference at least in some part of the world. You were wonderfully made and set into the time-clock of existence in order to inspire others of this generation, and of future generations. Something you say or do will rock the boat of a little kid, to make him discover his own truth, or you may rock the philosophy of a world wide institution that will result in the end of wars, or of third world religious persecution, and maybe even change the design of future spacecraft in the exploration of the universe, but NEVER are you a failure, or a loss. Don't let other score you at less than you really are. Maintain your own scorecard, or look up into the invisible eye of your destiny and say “Hey, I'm on the G-1 star-ship today, reporting for intelligent exploration and increasing human performance duty station!”

Those that feel they have the right, or even those who are vested teachers, professors, pastors, employers, should also bear the responsibility that if they give us sub-standard scores, they are required to live up to a higher level in order to maintain that privilege, but in reflection of it, one should not EVER accept their word is the final one on our value. We can always change for the better, “step up” as it were and align ourselves to a higher standard. As long as the game isn't over, there's a chance to regain prominence in any cause we submit ourselves to. Presuming excellence is the goal, we all have an equal chance, and even better than equal if we know the score within ourselves and our own capabilities. If, however,you honestly confess “I don't know how good I'm capable of doing!”, then friend of mine, it offers you the perfect opportunity to show us, to show yourself and the world just what you CAN do! Self-confidence and resourcefulness is key to receiving a higher score. Many times we have seen someone that professionals have low expectations of or given up on, consequently turn themselves into world renowned athletes and scholars and achievers!

Take the limits off, do your homework, and on your own artistic easel of human existence, begin to prime and pump and crunch, whether it be numbers, or physical effort. Who knows how high any particular bird can fly? Only in general terms can it be argued that one species can fly higher and longer than any other species, but what about just one bird? Let me assure you there is one bird that will strive to fly higher, harder, faster and longer than his companions, and if he follow his instincts, not another will ever stop him. But in humanity, peer pressure will sometimes seem to force us into performing at substandard levels. Be careful that you don't let that happen. When race and nationality, and gender and phobia, and all those other pressures occur, dig deep and draw from inside where there is a will to succeed. Others have made it through before you and others will succeed after you're gone, but right now its your turn. The scores will increase when we practice and sometimes fail, but undaunted, we get back up and try again until we succeed. And we only will do that if we refuse to be scored lowest on the chart of life. There is the belief in all of our heart that the one that created us values us, and helps us in our weaknesses. Other might express it that the flow of the universe is within us, But we must push ourselves up and press on. Some of us are fortunate if we have those who believe in us and know that we are achievers, and certainly we want that kind of encouragement. Someone to help us set realistic goals. However, we must individually own our own success. We must establish our personal scores with a sense of clairvoyant honesty. In reflection, in every endeavor of your life, I wish you to be your BEST!

Michael O. Jones

Hubpages/Oscarlites, April 16, 2019


© 2019 Oscar Jones


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