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The Reasons for a Special Needs Trust

Updated on November 28, 2011

Saving for your child's education early has always been a priority with many parents and is a very wise decision. On the other hand when planning for a special-needs child it may not be a wise idea to save the traditional way for many reasons. The child, parents hope will be able to overcome major difficulties and as they become adults, assume they can become self-sufficient. However educational plans may not work too well if they suffer from disorders like Autism and Downs syndrome. There are many good goverment benefits that will be available for the child as an adult at no cost; however, many are based on financial needs. If the child has any assets at all, he or she will not qualify for the program.

Another important factor to consider is an account in your child's name came spell trouble in other ways as well. If he or she is not capable of making sound financial decisions as an adult, the money may be spent unwisely. Even more risky is people with disabilities are the most likely targets for con artists, hustlers, swindlers, and all the other predators laying in wait.


Parents with a special needs child should set-up a Special NeedsTrust because it is designed mainly to help with financial decisons. When properly structured when they become adults,they can have money to help with his or her living expenses, such as rent, mortgage payments, educational expenses, and still be ale to qualify for other benefits.

To set up a Special Needs Trust , parents should meet with a experienced estate-planning attorney who specializes with these types of trusts. The attorney will not only plan for the child's future as an adult, but also put plans into place in the event that one or both parents pass away before the child reaches adulthood.


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