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The Right Way to Use Your Coupons Most Effectively

Updated on November 6, 2011

triple coupons are available. however, retailers that provide triple coupons are few and far between

Couponing is a craze that has come and gone over the years and its back in the limelight. With our current economy in a crisis state and many Americans finding that they need to pinch pennies in order to make their households function, couponing is getting the attention again. Making couponing work for you and your household is something that you should look into. There is a right way to use your coupons most effectively.

There is a right way and a wrong way to use coupons believe it or not. There are several things to do to use your coupons most effectively.

The wrong way to use coupons

The wrong way to use coupons is to purchase items that you are not using for you and your family. This means you are spending money on items that you aren’t using and don’t need which is actually going to cost you money and waste money.

The only time you would purchase items that using a coupon that is not useful for your household is if you are receiving the product free of charge after using your coupon.

The right way to use coupons

The right way to use coupons is getting items with your coupons that you are using for your household. Couponing effectively means you will need to change your shopping habits. You will shop on days where the coupon is the most effective. This is usually days where you receive double couponing or when an item is on sale.

Get the most out of every coupon

Getting the most out of every coupon can be done with a little work. One of the first things to determine is which retailers accept manufacturer coupons. The best way to find out where to use your coupons is to establish which stores in your community accept coupons. There are some retailers that do not accept them. For an example, some retailers that have stores that have everything in the store for a $1 don’t usually accept manufacturer coupons because everything is so inexpensive at regular price.

To locate which stores in your community accept coupons you can send an email to the store and ask if they accept coupons and if they double coupons. If they do double or even triple coupons, are there certain days of the week or month when these are doubled? You can also make a phone call to the store and ask the same questions.

Using your coupons

Of course, it’s much easier if you do all of your shopping at once or on one day. This doesn’t always work for the savvy shopper using coupons. Shopping when the price of an item is at its lowest is how to use coupons correctly. Finding deals such as two for one and adding a coupon is how you see great savings.

Products are not usually all found at the same store on the same day or at the same time. Numerous people that want to use coupons may find this haphazard way of shopping unconventional to say the least. Yet, this is the right way to use coupons to make your purchases and achieve the best bargain.

Couponing is most effectual when you use it for products which are already on sale and double couponing. Double couponing is when the face value of your coupon is doubled by the by merchant. There are even some coupons that can receive triple face value. Though, retailers that provide triple coupon deals are few and far between.A lot of stores that do double coupons will have certain days of the week or month when coupons can be doubled. This means you need to shop and use your coupons on these days.

Scour your newspapers or online ads for retailers to determine when an item is on sale. This means you will read the Sunday paper or online ad and identify which items you have coupons for have reduced or lowered prices.

Using your coupons for your toilet paper on the second Tuesday of the month along with your dishwashing liquid may seem odd for many shoppers. However, shopping in this manner may effectively save you $10 or even $20 dollars this month. In addition to savings you can stock up and save time next month or for months to come when you do not have to shop for items you already have.

There is the a right way and a wrong way to coupon and using your coupons correctly to get the most out of them is the only way to coupon. If you are considering using coupons to put more money in your pocket or get the most out of what you have in your wallet, use them correctly by following these simple techniques to get started.

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