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The Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking RBS Review

Updated on March 14, 2011


The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is one of the world's largest financial and banking services groups. It is second largest financial institution in United Kingdom with market cap of £46.77 billion (US$75.01 billion). With its acquisition of National Westminster Bank in 2000, RBS has tripled the total asset from its original size. The group currently has a presence in over 50 countries (UK, USA, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, German, Mexico, and more) through its 2 main subsidiaries: The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (Royal Bank) and National Westminster Bank (NatWest). In the US, it is represented by Citizens and Charter One. I’ll focus on RBS in this article.

RBS Logo
RBS Logo

RBS Group

The RBS was founded in 1727. The current headquarter is located at Edinburgh, Scotland. The RBS group CEO is Stephen Hester. The RBS group operations consist of 6 core groups such as

  1. UK Personal – include UK retail (RBS and NatWest) and UK Wealth (RBSCoutts, Coutts & Company, and Adam & Company)
  2. RBS Insurance – include various different insurance brands such as Churchill (car insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance), Privilege (Car insurance), Green Flag (breakdown service), NIG (business insurance), Devitt (motorcycle insurance), UKI Partnerships, Trackers (vehicle tracking services), and International (in German & Italy)
  3. EMEA Retail & Commercial – Ulster Banks division provides financial services across Ireland such as personal, commercial and wealth management
  4. UK Corporate - largest bank provider of finance, banking, and risk management to UK corporate and commercial customers
  5. US Retail & Commercial – consists of Citizens and Charter One brand in US, provides retail and corporate banking products and services
  6. Global Banking and Markets (GBM) – offer services such as debt and equity financing, risk management, investment and advisory service

During the 2007-09 financial crisis, Royal Bank of Scotland group suffered massive credit-related losses and needed government assistance in the form of an asset protection scheme as well as direct capital injections. The U.K. government currently owns 84% of the bank's capital, as a result of government assistance.

RBS Main Page
RBS Main Page

RBS Product & Services

The RBS Personal Banking products and Services include

  • Current account – variety of current account for everyone, call center help for managing your account
  • Savings account – see your nest egg grow, has options of instant access savings accounts (ISAs)
  • Mortgages account – provides different type of mortgages such as fixed rate and variable rate
  • Loans account – provide personal loans and flexiloan
  • Investment account – provide investment and financial planning as well as retirement planning
  • Insurance – includes coverage for car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and travel insurance
  • Credit Card – offers MasterCard branded card
  • MoneySense – Tips on money management skills

RBS Digital Banking

RBS Online banking is also known as RBS Digital Banking. To sign up for RBS Digital Banking, you will need RBS Account number (current account, credit card, savings account or loan), Sort code, and Debit card. You will be given the customer number once you completed the sign up process. If you need help, you can call RBS helpdesk or Minicom

How can I access RBS Digital Banking?

  • Go to RBS website ( or RBS Digital Banking website (
  • Have a PC or laptop or Mac or portable device with internet connection
  • Have the most updated web browsers with 128 bit encryption: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera

Inside RBS Digital Banking

Click thumbnail to view full-size
RBS Account SummaryRBS Credit Card TransactionPayment OnlineRBS Account AlertsRBS Digital Banking Login
RBS Account Summary
RBS Account Summary | Source
RBS Credit Card Transaction
RBS Credit Card Transaction
Payment Online
Payment Online
RBS Account Alerts
RBS Account Alerts
RBS Digital Banking Login
RBS Digital Banking Login

RBS Digital Banking Transactions and Activities

You can do variety of financial transaction using RBS Digital Banking such as

  • Verify, view and access your up to date account balances and mini statements
  • Check your account limits and track your spending anytime and anywhere
  • Transfer money between your RBS banking accounts instantly
  • Pay bill online by settle bills, make payment online and manage any standing orders
  • Access online banking with security protection as well as Rapport, RBS free security software for added protection
  • Access to your bank statement up to 7 years of transaction history
  • Contact customer service instantly for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Review 4 months of credit card statements
  • Setup paperless statement or electronic statement
  • Download your transactions for use in financial software such as Quicken, Microsoft Money or Microsoft Excel
  • Get notice about interest or charges to your account
  • Setup and cancel direct debits for regular payment to utility bills or phone bills
  • Update or change any personal details in your accounts such as email address, mobile phone number, security number or password
  • Apply for new products or services such as overdraft protection, new credit cards, and loans
  • Setup, view, and change email alerts for account setting or new statement
  • Request new cheque books, card readers, and paying-in books

RBS Current Account

Checking account is known as Current Account in UK. There are several RBS online current accounts:

  • Standard current account – Free of charge, Visa Debit card is included, Overdraft protection is available
  • Extra benefit current accounts include Royalties Current Account & Royalties Gold Current Account
  • Royalties Current Account - £6.95 per month, include mobile phone insurance, discount on travel service, £332 Potential Annual Saving
  • Royalties Gold Current Account - £12.95 per month, include all royalties benefit, £933 potential annual saving
  • Student Royalties Current Account – No monthly fee, Interest free overdraft (up to £1000) with qualifying transaction, Emergency cash option
  • Graduate current account – include Visa debit card, can apply for graduate loan up to £15,000
  • Bank Accounts for Young people – RBS Revolve (11-18 years) & Children Savings Accounts (Rainbow Savings & Cash Club Accounts)

Type of RBS Insurance

  • RBS Home Insurance
  • RBS Car Insurance
  • RBS Travel Insurance
  • RBS Life Insurance
  • RBS Income protection
  • RBS Essential Contents insurance

RBS Savings Accounts

There are 3 main Savings Accounts

  • Tax Efficient Savings – tax free interest or tax efficient account; include Instant Access Cash ISA, Fixed Rate ISA, and Investment ISA
  • Instant access Savings – there are 8 different type of access savings include Royalties Saver, First Home Saver, Telephone Saver, etc
  • Notice Accounts & Bonds – earn interest for longer term from overnight to 3 years

Credit cards

  • RBS Platinum MasterCard Credit Card – income >£10,000, no annual fee, 0% interest on purchase for 3 months after opening
  • RBS YourPoints World MasterCard – no annual fee, income >£20,000, earn 1 point per £1 spent
  • RBS Classic Credit Card by MasterCard - income >£10,000, no annual fee, 0% on purchases & balance transfer for 13 months after opening
  • RBS Royalties Gold Credit Card - income >£10,000, no annual fee, earn money back with Royalties Gold Account
  • RBS Student Credit Card – No annual fee, Money off on top brands such as HP, Lonely Planet

RBS Investment

For Investment or Stockbroking, RBS offer RBS Share Dealing with the following commission

  • Online UK equities: £15.00 per trade
  • Online International Equities: £20.00 per trade

Goods & Bads

Pros of RBS

  • Big financial institution with UK government support (presently)
  • Vast selection of products & services especially Savings account
  • Free Current Account for everyone

Cons of RBS

  • To apply for regular credit card, customer needs to have a minimum income
  • Compare to US brokerage; RBS Share Dealing charges more commission per trade


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