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The Secret Law of Abundance

Updated on September 22, 2014

The Great Universal Law

The law of attraction is the great universal law. It is stronger than the law of gravity. The law of attraction is clearly explained in the movie "The Secret".

The more detailed explanation can be found from Dr Wayne Dyer. Dr Wayne Dyer is known as the motivational father and is also the father of 8 children. Be amazed and be enlightened on the great universal law explanation by this guru.

Dr Wayne Dyer is also joined by the powerful people and the law of attraction gurus like Louis Hay, Deepak Chopra, Abraham Hicks and many more who have actively share the wonderful works of the law of attraction and how we attract the things and people to us with our powerful thoughts and subconscious mind, even without knowing about it.

Invisible into Visible

The law of attraction and the power of your mind and subconscious mind help you turn invisible into visible. The universal law works for everyone and everytime. It works whether you believe it or not. Well, you see, if you feel that the law of attraction does not work for you, you will apparently see this turn into reality.

The law of attraction is easy, ask, believe and receive. Sometimes, our human mind refuse to believe that such a powerful law can be so simple. Hence, we study and study it and make it more complicated as we believe that great things cannot be achieved in such simple process. You see, the matter in effect is, it is just that simple. Ask, believe and get ready to receive. So, that is your 3 simple requirements for turning the invisible into visible. Can you do it? Of course, why not?

All you need to do is to train your mind and your subconscious mind to be in the positive position of receiving the magical transformation of your thoughts and desires.

The Secret Law

Achieve your dreams

Achieve your dreams through this powerful process that is available to all of us through the universal law of attraction. This is a gift by the universal. It allows everyone of us, to use our visualisation power and co-create the things that we want to achieve.

It is a powerful tool that can be used at any point of time, wher ever you are.

Be grateful for all the things that you have and be thankful for more good things that are coming your way. Gratitude gives you power of happiness within. Be thankful for all the things that you possess. Be thankful for all the people around you.

Do you believe?

Do you believe that the law of attraction works for you?

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The Law of Abundance

The law of abundance starts with positive visualization of your dreams and goals. Positive thoughts create positive events and happenings around us. Always think and be positive that you will receive. And abundance will come your way, definitely and surely.

The universal has an abundance of love, money and anything that you desire. All the things were created with the strong and powerful energy of human's mind and desire. Furnitures, cars, planes, buildings were never in existence. Computers, internet, facebook, apple and android applications were never in existence many centuries back.

They became reality because someone think about how they could create them for the human race. So, can you create and see the transformation of your dreams and desire. Of course you can, thanks to the energy of law of attraction and abundance.

Want to be showered with love and romance, want to feel free and happy with what money can bring you. They can be done through using the powerful law of attraction through your thoughts, mind and spirit.

Believe and receive

What you desire. you can achieve as once you focus and think of what you want to have, the universe will create and bring them to you through the different routes and solutions that are available out there.

It is simple and yet is made too complicated by our mind which has been bombarded with too many limiting beliefs which we have acquired along the way. So, let's start anew today by knowing that what you have lost, you will acquire them back in thousands and millions of fold, only if you believe, focus and be ready to receive.

The Universal Law of Attraction

The universal law of attraction works for you when you are in a grateful being, ask for the things that you really want,in order to receive them. Work with the universal law to support your dreams and goals. Know that you will achieve them in no time, because the universal law always work for you.


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