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Top 5 Amazon Cashback Reward Websites

Updated on December 5, 2017
liladybugz26 profile image

Rachael is a dedicated Amazon shopper on an endless mission to find the most rewarding cashback websites.

Cashback keyboard button.
Cashback keyboard button. | Source

Amazon cash back reward programs are not only for credit card holders, or an elite few. Amazon partners with several websites to offer cash back discounts to consumers. These offers change often, and are not always easy to locate. This guide reveals the best online reward programs for Amazon, along with tricks to maximize your savings while using them.

What websites offer the best Amazon cashback rewards?

Below is a complete list of the best free online Amazon cash back programs. There is no purchase required to join; however, you must register at the websites so you can receive your cash back.



MyPoints offers cashback and reward points for every dollar spent on Amazon when you access the eligible shopping categories from their website. MyPoints also has a browser extension to detect Amazon purchases so savings are never missed. This website also features a variety of other point earning options including survey taking, signing up for free trials and playing games. An Amazon gift card is one of the hundreds of rewards available for point redemption.

This is one of the better programs since cash back is applied immediately at checkout, and points redeemable for gift cards are earned with every purchase.



The Extrabux program awards cash back when purchasing from select departments. To earn cash back, Amazon must be accessed via a link on the Extrabux website. Cashback is not instantly applied at purchase; Instead, it is available once ten dollars or more accumulates in your account. A mailed check can then be requested, or you may elect to have funds directly deposited into a PayPal or Alipay account.


Ebates is a popular cash back website that rewards shopping when select Amazon categories are accessed through their website. This program increases savings by combining instant coupons with cashback rewards. The downside is the payment disbursement schedule. Cashback rewards are only processed once every three months; however, a balance of only $5.01 is required to receive a payment.



TopCashBack has one of the best cash back rewards programs for Amazon. They often have the most shopping categories to select from to receive the reward, and the categories change often. This website also has its share of coupon codes for mega savings at checkout. Unlike other cashback programs, a great feature of TopCashBack is their no minimum balance payouts. As long as a penny is available in your account a payout can be requested. There are three payout methods available which include PayPal, the Automated Clearing House or an gift card.



BeFrugal is one of the highest paying cashback rewards programs for Amazon. The problem with BeFrugal is that $25 in cashback rewards must accumulate prior to redemption. Once your account reaches this goal you can choose to be paid via check or PayPal. This program is good for customers who spend a considerable amount of money on Amazon.

To be eligible to receive cash back you must begin with an empty Amazon cart and a fresh page when first accessing the store. Your sale must also be completed within 24 hours after you leave the BeFrugal website. This is good advice for every cashback program to ensure proper credit is received.


Help Your Favorite Charity by Shopping on Amazon

iGive and the Amazon Smile programs give a portion of your purchase amount to charity.

With iGive money is saved with Amazon promotional codes and coupons, plus .8% of every purchase store-wide is donated to any charity across the nation! Donation checks are mailed to the charity of choice on a monthly basis.

Amazon Smile donates .5% of every purchase to any charity of choice. There are no fees or costs associated with the program, and 100% of the donation is sent to the charity. The donation is disbursed to the charity approximately 45 days following each calendar quarter.

The best thing about these two programs is they compliment each other! Both of them can be used together to earn cash for your charity!

Cashback Website Comparison Tool

How Is This List Calculated?

At the time of writing, these are the most profitable Amazon links providing cash back and incentives as researched online and through data sources, and calculated based on a number of factors including the rate of cash back, pay distribution, additional incentives and sign-on bonuses.

What Cashback Reward Service is Used Most Often?

What is Your Favorite Amazon Cash back Website?

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© 2014 Rachael M Ryhn


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    • liladybugz26 profile image

      Rachael M Ryhn 2 years ago from Cambridge, MN

      THERE IS a magical immediate payout website. MyPoints pays cash back at checkout on Amazon. Also, TopCashBack has no minimum balance requirement to cash out. (Did you read the article?)

      And, if you want to talk about a good points program that also has cash back, MyPoints is the best. I use them both depending on what I buy, and if I'm in the mood for playing around and earning points. Just for clicking on the MyPoints emails I earn $5 in Amazon gift cards a month.

      I was not impressed with SwagBucks. There is no cashback involved - that is why it did not make the list. I tried it for quite some time, and earned 50 points that took an hour to obtain that were not credited etc... it is not worth it.

      I have been able to earn cashback rewards quite quickly - even immediately. It depends on what you are buying, what you are spending, and what site you use.

    • profile image

      Jason Dean 2 years ago

      There is no immediate payout magical website... Google cash back sites and you'll see that they all take time.

      The payouts work by accumulating points you have earned by spending at retailers associated with the sites, taking polls, surveys, activities, etc.

      Ebates, topcashback, fatwallet, all are good.

      But swagbucks is the best. Check out the stats and the reviews. They blow them all out of the water.

      Try it out, it only takes 450 points to get a $5 amazon gift card.