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Credit Card Debt Relief: What You Should Do to Eliminate Credit Card Debt, the Cold Truth

Updated on August 30, 2009

Is this familiar?

It usually works this way: some credit company will offer the best credit card offers of the hour, to give you a credit card with the first year (or year and a half) membership fee waived, and you think, “Sure, why not? It does seem like it’s the best credit card deal, and you can benefit from the credit cards reward program” You think that you will never use it, unless in utter emergency cases, and when you do so, you vow to immediately reduce credit card debt by immediately paying the credit card balance. You might even get a few Christmas gifts from the credit card rewards program, so it is also a way of saving up, and completing your Christmas list early!

This seems like a very smart strategy, indeed. Get the best credit card deal, use it only on extremely necessary expenditures (you would have spent for it, anyway), eliminate credit card debt right away by paying the full balance, and take advantage of the credit cards reward program. Very, very clever – you even give yourself a pat in the back, even, for being so wise.

A few days (or some just take hours) after, you have already justified your possession of this credit card you never really thought of having in the first place, and soon after you are mighty glad to have availed of the best credit card offers in the land. Pretty soon, you walk with that smile in your face, as if you have a big secret you do not want the world to know, but it is something anyway that makes you feel just a little smug. Of course, your secret is that you have this weapon called credit card which you can swipe away anytime, and why wouldn’t you be smug? You can actually purchase all those things you thought you can not afford before, and perhaps, you will just give yourself a little treat today, and buy that great pair of shoes you’ve been salivating on for some weeks now. Anyway, your paycheck will be coming soon and you’re sure that you can set aside enough money to pay your credit card lowest interest rate so it doesn’t accumulate interest. You will win this battle against credit cards, you think. It is just a matter of discipline and will and you are a live, thinking, mature human being, and that credit card, while it happens to be the best credit card deal, is just some plastic.

The Becky Bloomwood Philosophy

So you go ahead and buy the shoes, and enjoy every minute of it, and from the compliments you get from all your workmates and friends, you know that you have made a very good decision. A few weeks after, the credit debt report comes and you are shocked at your first bill! Did those shoes really cost that much? You really never thought about it or paid any attention to it, just wanted to grab it then before somebody does. Now you remember that your paycheck is already allotted for some other commitments, like the mortgage, the utility bills, the groceries, and other more staple items. Anyway, it’s not a problem, you think, you will just pay the credit card lowest minimum amount required, for now, and pay the whole credit debt next payday, way before the next due date for the credit debt report.

And so the first interest from the credit company comes, and the cycle we all know so well, and in fact one you are trying to stay away from, starts. Pretty soon you are knee-deep in bad credit loans, and soon after your credit debt report are up to your neck, literally, and you feel trapped and cheated, and you regret too late why you ever accepted that best credit card deal in the first place.

The Cold Truth

Now, before you go about looking for the best, fastest credit consolidation, credit card debt consolidation or credit card debt relief program, you first need to be face-to-face with the cold truth. There is really no one or nothing to blame here but yourself, rude as this may sound. It is the credit card company’s tactic to lure you into accepting and keeping that best credit card deal in your bag, and it is the merchant’s tactic to lure you into buying their merchandise. But the stark reality, really, is that you can always say no, at any point in time. You could have said no to the messenger who delivered the credit card and you could have refused to accept the card in the first place. I have even heard of some people cut the credit card in two pieces and send it back to the credit card company, firmly stating that they did not apply for a credit card, anyway. And there are also many ways to turn your back on those shoes, although they will require a great deal of discipline on your part, especially if it was something you really, really like – want, even!

But now that you are already in this situation of piling bad credit loans, it takes an even greater amount of willpower, and of course some precious dollars to get out of it, but it is not impossible. There are credit card debt relief programs, credit card debt consolidation, and credit card debt help programs to help you reduce credit card debt. Other people have done it, and so can you, and you should start by committing first, and making sure to stick to it. After all, like you said sometime ago, you are a living, human being with a will power and it is just some plastic – though it is unarguably the best credit card deal in the land.


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    • profile image

      Jeffrey 3 years ago

      They will likely show as paid deqnuliencies unless you take action. Credit repair should get these and all other negative marks off your bureau. Usually companies charge hundreds of dollars to simply pull your credit and send correctly worded dispute letters—this is the key…..people will tell you that you can do this yourself for free but the truth of the matter is that the credit bureaus will throw your letters away or simply reject them. There is an easy to use online kit that will deliver the results you want available for just $19.95 at the source website. A similar kit is being sold via infomercials and radio talk shows for seventy dollars more but they try to solicit you repeatedly for other services after the fact.

    • romanzano profile image

      romanzano 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing valuable stuff like this. I pretty like it. Best regards.

    • profile image

      Emily 7 years ago

      There is a saying if you want to get job done you have to do it yourself. So here it is - eliminate your credit card debt with this free guide: