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A Beginners Review

Updated on February 26, 2015

Not an Ordinary Gig

On the mission to becoming a paid writer sometimes one has to make a few judgement calls on what to write about. On second thought, if it's a paying gig and you are trying to break into the business or at least build a portfolio then some money is better than no money right? After trolling around on the internet I found that there is an actual job for reviewing internet porn. Writing reviews have gone a little under rated as far as receiving an income in my opinion. The thought of giving an honest opinion on a particular product just to let future consumers know doesn't seem to be profitable at all. However when you think about it a lot of business are based off of referrals.

For instance, market research for corporations deal with people testing their products or services then giving feedback. Basically a form of verbal review or survey taking to help improve the quality of a product. Getting back to the gig at hand, so I came across a website called Gone wild media where you can sign up for a free account to watch porn and submit a review. The verdict is still out on this particular service because I went ahead signed up, wrote a review, but I haven't received my five bucks for submitting yet. Not only do you have to sign up for this service but because these types of jobs are unfavorable to some; the company will ask you to sign up for a Paxum account in order to receive your payments. This card is comparable to having a paypal account except for the fact that it doesn't mind catering to adult themed businesses.

Nothing New Just Do

Watching the porn was the easy part to say the least but I'll admit when you are looking at a skin flick for business purposes it might not turn you on. Actually so much of it made me watch just enough to fill out the review with a bit of creative word play. The goal goes beyond watching good old or not so old fashion smut but a chance to break into writing with out having to show all of the higher up credentials. After all you have to look at it as gaining experience by any means necessary. Especially in a multimillion dollar business as porn it would be a great niche to get into until your writing work kicks in on a permanent basis.

So is it wrong to write about such things? After all who said you can't write that award winning novel along with getting a check. Especially in this economy where you have to create your own way most of the time. Even though we are at a perceived disadvantage with the job losses or them just not existing at all, we are still at our highest in terms of thinking creatively. People are finding niches and turning them into careers. As a pursuer of most things unconventional, I find that it is more worth-wild pursuing a dream instead of being stationary at a dead end job. Dreams do come true if you are vigilant enough so whatever it takes to go to the next level then that is the purpose. Sharpening your writing skills and being able to turn out a lengthy page article with interesting content is not bad either.

Anyone Can Do It

You don't have to be an expert on writing porn site reviews but it does help to at least have a way with words so to speak. Some example reviews that I read from were not only lacking in stringing together sentences but also short. It definitely gives new meaning to having no imagination. But as one person might say if you think you can do better then do it. So I will continue to check on different opportunities keeping people up-to-date. There are a lot of ways to make a living or some extra cash from home on your own time. Doing the research to find these not so hidden but not up front jobs is a job in itself. Which creates another niche that is highly needed and is very publicized, the information niche.

So what am I getting at? Well what I am saying is that don't be afraid to explore new territories when trying to find your way. If it isn't something that is going to compromise yourself or religion then start building your platform. The jury may still be out on Gone wild media but after checking out some other sites writing reviews for porn sites is an actual business. Maybe it always has been but has surfaced or resurfaced into the ever evolving era. Even communicating with different porn site websites asking them if they are interested in you writing reviews for them can work as well. Send messages to different companies if you are serious about being a paid writer. The main reason that I would suggest going to porn sites to start is because the pressure to have a lot of experience is not that high.

Not saying that porn websites don't care who writes for them but what I am saying is they may be more lenient. It might make you want to quit knowing how many hours you have to put in or things you have to try just to make ends meet. But at the end of the day when you do succeed it would be well worth it. You may start off with not an ordinary gig but you don't have to limit the gig to just that. It could be turned into whatever you want it to be just do it.

Just a Thought

With the sex industry still growing all types of gigs available from phone sex, to web cam models, or the dispatchers who route calls, it's enough to make a full time living. Being that it is a little less taboo different sites have begin including this market in their mainstream line-up such as

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