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The best asset

Updated on June 15, 2015

Important things

In this material world, most of us would think that the things that we own are the ones that we value and matter the most.

Some items on the list could be a house, a car, probably jewellery, or gadgets. What we do not realize is that we will not be able to get all this if we are not earning good money.

Speaking of good money, there are many things that could contribute to a bigger income, like good education, a promising network of business contact and friends, a reputable company as an employer and even luck.

People strive for more so as to be able to sustain a lifestyle or provide for their family. But we almost always oversee a common factor when we are focused on having more money, a crucial one for that matter.

One's LIFE.

Inside a Filipino home

Many countries are family centric where the father or the bread winner is expected to provide for the whole household and in some cases, even for the extended family. The Philippines is no stranger to this. A typical home is made of 2-3 families with grandparents and sometimes cousins. There is nothing wrong in this setup as the Filipino culture embraces close family ties. The common problem is, though, there's only a few in this household who can provide for everyone. Losing any one of the providers or being unemployed poses grave danger in the household’s daily sustenance.

Question is, how can a bread winner continue to provide for the household even with no income or no life?

Protect your life, save your family.

When we plan for the future or even for a weekend getaway, the mind-set is that everything will go as how it has been set and the schedule will be followed for an optimum experience.

Sometimes it goes as planned and sometimes it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t it’s because of other things that were not expected.

Similar to how we live, we do not always know what’s in store for us when we step out of our home or merely wake up.

Being prepared is key to securing that our family can still eat and be sheltered.

Little goes a long way

When it comes to spending, we don’t like it when we don’t know what we are buying. Hence, the minimal interest for insurances of any kind.

Do you like ants?

I personally hate them. But I admire them for being vigilant and prepared.

When ants show up before the rainy season, this is for a reason that they need to have food when there’s no chance of going out to get them when they need it.

Little by little, they gather food and prepare for the worst. As for us humans, this is similar to getting an insurance plan. While we are healthy, it is best to make the most of our energy to be prepared for the uncertainties of life.

If you feel like you don’t need it, then it’s the best time to get it!

That first small step can lead to a financially stable future.

Being prepared is being protected. You are your best resource for everything that you want to achieve in this lifetime.

Questions, additions, and objections are very much welcome!

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