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The end of Yahoo Voices

Updated on July 6, 2014

The End of Yahoo Voices

This week Yahoo announced that they would be discontinuing Yahoo Voices and the Yahoo Contributors Network.

What to do?

Existing members of the Yahoo Contributors Network are currently discussing alternatives and immediate actions. The first order of work seems to be scrambling to save existing work. I was lucky that I only had about 25 articles there, so it didn't take much time to download and save my work. After Voices officially ends, I plan to repost my work elsewhere--possibly on hubpages if I can figure out how to pass their unique content rule.

Alexa Rank

Alexa is a website that tracks the web traffic and relative popularity of websites. As of July 2014, here are the relative rankings: Squidoo Global Rank (GR) 1056, USA Rank (UR) 555. Trend is down. Wizzley GR 64615 UR 32350. HubPages GR 602 UR 392. Infobarrel GR 14899 UR 3619. Pinterest GR 27 UR 12. Bubblews GR 1611 UR 345

Cross Promotion

Once you find a new home for your articles, you will want to use cross promotion with websites such as facebook and twitter.

Your own website

Since websites that pay for article publishing seem to keep shutting down or changing their rules, you may want to consider starting your own website or blog and then using google adsense to generate some ad revenue.


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