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The lure for quick money!

Updated on September 22, 2013

freedom fighters, gambling and money issues!

How came people desired money by hook or crook?

From ancient days, people wanted to acquire things. Originally, there was no ‘greed’ as such, but people gathered many things thinking that the things will be useful for them. Thus, started the era of acquisition. Of course, people had no idea about the values of things they gathered in the course of their lives. But many of them were used for various purposes. The skin of the hunted animals was used for wearing in their bodies to prevent extreme weather. Stones were used for pulverizing food items. Sticks were used to construct the dwellings. “Necessity is the mother of invention’ proved in their lives.

The lure for money has started in the modern civilization after the commencement of trade practices, agriculture operations and breeding of domestic animals. People found that bartering involved many problems and became cumbersome. To purchase a pint of milk, one has to part with a sack of grain. Carrying and transporting involved much bother. The necessity led to the invention of money in the form of copper or brass coins. This led to the invention of more superior value coins like the silver and gold since they were rare to unearth and mint.

After the invention of paper currencies, the practice of exchanging huge load of coins ceased to an extent. People started dealing in currencies authorized by the King or any other authority. The practice of banking commenced when trade started flourishing. The powerful trade community emerged in this scenario. The practice of money lending started slowly charging an ‘interest’ for lending money. Pledging and mortgaging evolved during the period since the money lenders wanted to safeguard the lending. Hence people started pledging valuable items including utensils etc. which led to pawning of even jewels made of silver etc., prior to banking system, people kept their money in the form of copper coins in mud pots or some other secure places in their home. Even some people have kept them in pits hidden by soil so that none could trace them. Fear of theft made them to resort such ways to hide the coins. Many women kept the coins in a corner knot of their dresses.

When people started saving the coins for future needs, the lure of money emerged. Money has induced a huge barrior between the haves and have-nots. The people who are underprivileged started hankering for money. The lure of money was responsible for many vices in the form of theft, cheating, robbery etc. The more money one had, evolved into a form of ‘social corruption’. Rich people started drinking, gambling and indulging in illicit relationships. The poverty has forced many girls to earn money through immoral ways. More or less, the vices were institutionalized by the habits of rich and powerful.

A coterie of Officials in the kingdom, the traders and politicians was formed to loot the wealth of common people. Unfair trade practices evolved. Black-marketing, hoarding and extracting heavy interest from the poor peasants and others started in this way. Though in the beginning, the Kings ruled their country honestly, in course of time, due to corrupt practices indulged by some officials, rivalries started to surface in the kingdom. People who are opposed to the King started plotting against the King. In an appropriate opportunity, the king was overthrown from his kingdom or imprisoned by the rival contestants of the kingdom. Sometimes even the kin plotted against the king in connivance with the villains.

This is how the society descended into immoral ways. There is a proverb that “As is the King, so are the citizens! Money has been enthroned as the chief negotiator. Today we find there is an unholy nexus between the politicians, business magnets and liquor barons. What is the reason for this? It is the lure for money, that too easy money without sweat or soiling their cloths. Great deals are finalized with mobile phones, and cash transferred with a click of the mouse or touch of the button! This is the condition prevailing in most of the third world countries since people were cash starved. They could not earn much with the sweat of their brow or by honest means. Hence many short cuts to millionaire programs abound in many forums. Even many books have been written to earn quick money. Gambling, horse racing, speculations; lotteries induce many such people who have dreams of becoming millionaires.

But none is aware that lasting peace and happiness can accrue only through selfless works for the sake of society. During the freedom struggle of India, many people have forsaken their families and properties for joining the freedom struggle. Many freedom fighters were imprisoned in far off jails like the Andaman. They were forced to do hard labor and allowed little rest. They were fed only occasionally. They were beaten, tied and kept isolated from others. These kinds of cruelties never deterred their struggle for freedom!

Unfortunately, today’s world seeks more and more money and power without exertion. Sacrifice and sharing tendencies have been relegated to back seats. One with more power and wealth is considered as most adored and respected man. But, things will definitely change when the world start embracing human values above money power!


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