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The real value of Man vs Money!

Updated on September 15, 2014

Illustrations on value of money!

Is money valuable than man?

Money has no value but man has! Money is really inert like other materials. It has no life or value. It is insentient. Then why the entire world is after money? It is the greatest riddle. Why money is considered vital or important by people. Money can be exchanged for goods and services! When God created the world, he has not attached any ‘price list’ to any things or services. He has given us free earth, water, air, sunshine, fire and heat, the soothing rain etc. He has blessed the earth with hills and valleys, forests and plains. There were lakes and river systems. He has created the plants, trees and many varieties of flowers and fruits out of it. Has he kept any billing section anywhere? NO. But man has started ascribing value to the things, food items, dairy products etc. Initially, there was barter system to exchange one item to the other item. People found it a tedious process. One has to carry sacks of grains in exchange for a goat or cow. Sometimes in exchange for a small thing, one has to dispose a weighty thing. Then the idea of a common place for such bartering activities arose. It was the market system. All people gather there on a particular day with the available things at their disposal and exchanged them with the items of their requirement.

This too was found to be time consuming and burdensome. Hence the traders consulted among themselves and started adopting copper pieces or such metals and assigned values to them. Thus started the system of money. But they were not uniform and crude. Anyone with ingenuity could prepare one. Hence some kind of authority was needed to prepare the coins and seal them with some marks. The feudal lords or kings started minting money thus with seals. Slowly different materials were used and small coins with different values were minted. Also, the salaries for workers were disbursed conveniently with that money. Even that one becomes weighty. After a long time, paper currencies came into vogue. The currency notes bore the seal of approval of the King. When carrying cash, ensued risk, banking systems started here and there. Today it has evolved into ATMs and what not. You can do online banking with a mobile with net connection. Now we can understand that it is man who assigns values to goods and services and money is nothing but an easy instrument for transactions all over human habitations.

Hence money is nothing but a convenient instrument for transactions. Actually goods and services first gained value due to trading. In fact, essential items like food and clothing decided the values. Availability of certain items or paucity decided the fluctuations in rates. Easily available metals were comparatively cheaper than bronze, nickel, silver and gold. Iron and steel was easily manufactured since iron ores were available in plenty. Each country started specializing in some goods since those items were only available there. Thus silk from China gained lot of value. Rich people desired for Chinese silks imported through sea routes in small vessels. Spices were available in plenty in South India and they were exchanged for silk and pearls from other countries.

Hence, if we ruminate deeply, money is only a paper currency authorized by the government for exchange with goods and services. The economy of each nation and the value of their currency are decided by the amount of gold deposits kept in the central bank. Each government is authorized to print currencies based on the value of gold kept in the Central Banks. The US had enormous reserve of Gold and hence the US Dollar reined the economy of global trade. But currently there is lot of fluctuations in the exchange rate of Dollar. China and Japan are emerging as richer since they could export lot of items to other countries and import less items. Hence there is no trade deficit. At present US economy is ravaged by involvement in other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Hence, the US is struggling to retain their monopoly in Dollar trade.

As I have pointed out in several of my hubs, “as the values of goods and services escalates, the value of man decreases! We are valuing everything higher and higher and in the end become decrepit. Man should realize his supremacy over the goods and services. He should not be enslaved by the things in the market. He should realize his own value by cultivating human virtues. MONEY COMES AND GOES BUT MORALITY COMES AND GROWS!


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