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The truth about internet marketing and working online

Updated on September 3, 2009

Are you interested in working online

Do you believe you have what it takes to earn a passive income from online marketing?

Have you ever thought of an internet marketing course?

You've probably heard a lot of hype about online marketing from a friend or family member which has lead you to do a little more research into the topic.

You may have even stumbled across this article in one of your searches for a work form home business opportuunity or even arrived here via one of the hubpages family of writers - some talented writers here by the way.Feel free to roam the halls of hubpages and view a variety of topics.

Besides that, you have decided to find out the truth about internet marketing and if it is what you should consider for a passive income before you spend countless hours chasing your own tail. The truth is that many folk just like you and I do in fact make a steady living off the internet by providing a service if you will to the millions of readaers that scour the inormation on the internet each and every waking hour of the day.You understand I'm sure that it another country there is always someone starting their day as we drift off to sleep which is what makes the online business format so enticing to many late to sleep and early to risers.

Internet marketing is a type of online business

The majority of people who have access to a computer and internet online searching have decided that the best means of earning an online income is to become an internet marketer.

The term "Internet Marketer" seems to cover a broad spectrum of choices as some folk have chosen to market digital products and software to other online users,some folk have chosen to create their own products and encourage others to market them in exchange for a percentage of the profits, some folks have decided to write for a living and if you think abotu the number of searchers on the internet everyday looking for information, this is not a bad option to choose.

The truth is that each method has its own pitfalls and its own advantages. Remember how difficult it was to grasp a new subject at school until you had learnt the basic fundamentals in order to progress to a higher understanding of the subject matter, well internet marketing and earning an online income are very much the same set of principles.

The secret to success in the online business field is to choose one direction from the abovementioned options and decide to master that field and within a reasonable amount of time you should be able to put together an honest living from being an internet marketer.

Internet marketing courses

Over the years as an internet marketer I have found that a lot of the information out there available in the form of ebooks has just pointed me off in a new direction and caused paralysis in my short and medium term goals as I found that i was loosing track of the goals that I had set myself as I started to figure out the truth about internet marketing.

The ability to get sucked into this not so new phenomenon that is internet marketing is amazing.The first paycheck recieved from Google leaves a sense of satisfaction second to none that your abilities are true and tested with proven results.

The decision to choose the writing method has given me a lot of satisfaction due to the format it allows in sharing with others the experience and methods found by skill or even by accident are most rewarding on a personal level.

So if you are looking for the truth to whether or not you can earn an income by internet marketing, Yes you can and at a certain stage, enough to do it full time.

If you are looking for the most effective way to earn a steady income and keep earning over time without having the worry that your work will go out of date, then I have to say that the article writing method is the best to follow.

You will find other types of ways in your travels to make a living, the truth is I have found that over time the e-book market and emailing list market is quite saturated unless you already have a loyal base of customers with which to offer your products and source new products related to your day job as it were. The software market is quite specialised and I honestly don't believe I would waste precious writing time trying to learn about new products as they may release the latest one in a few weeks thereafter.Its to tiring to keep track of.

The heading above refers to marketing courses which are a great place to start if you are looking for a solid foundation to build your strategy around.The old school internet marketers who have been around for a while have honed their skills to such a point that they have set up their business online and are able to let them run on autopilot as I said before that quality writing will remain on the internet for many years earning a passive income each month and give you the freedom to sart examining other avenues of income.Their ethos is to now provide these courses for a small fee in order to give some direction to beginners and more importantly walk you throught the steps necessary to create the web of writing and teach you how to monetise your writing. No that doesnt mean you have to sell your articles, just implement the sponsorship poriton of it, which is where your paycheck will come from.

What to look out for when investigating internet marketing

Have you ever joined a mailing list and been bombarded with offers to buy products

I have and I still do every month as I have tried to maintain my same email address for all these years. I suppose I could change it, but you never know, at some point I will recieve something that I need at the time. Must say I thought they were persistent fella's unitl I learnt of autoresponders.

The point I'm trying to make is that if you were to start gathering all the information you could find about internet marketing and trying to earn an honest living online, you may still be here in 10 years.The truth is 99% of that stuff you don't really need. There are many e-books on the market now that offer tips and trick to internet marketing and secret solutions to help you with search engine optimisation, the list is endless.

The practice of offering products to new internet marketers is an age old trick and as such you should be wary of the promises of new ways to setup your internet marketing strategy.They are a dime a dozen and are often disappointing to say the least.Try and search out a legitimate course in your city which offers training on an ongoing basis with a live presentation.It costs a bit, I won't lie to you, but hte fact is you will have their support networks to use and will meet real people.Otherwise find out where their offices are and see if they do an online version, there are quite a few available.

The truth is that a simple internet marketing course will show you how to understand the basic structure of the business of internet marketing.From then onwards, it is mainly a case of rise,repeat over and over again into creating a snowball effect for your business and before you know it you are working online and happy inthe knowing that you have a regular income.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of online incomes

I would recommend to steer away form the online survey market and focus purely on writing articles that you feel may be helpful to others. Think of questions you may wish to have answers to and then write a little about it once you feel that your research has given you adequate grounding for a decent article.

I could provide some place for your to send your articles to, but for now I want you to put together at least 20 articles of great content and of useful meaning to someone.Dont worry about your writing style as you will be able to tweak them easily enough.

Once you have decided to go ahead with the type of online income, join some form of learnership, or even join us here at hubpages where there is more than enough expertise to help you earn that first dollar.

Did you find this info to be useful.Please leave a comment

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    • profile image

      Antonio 6 years ago

      Internet Marketing success depends on our organization. Usually there is Information Overload and a lot of noise. Finding a good tool to help getting things done is great.

    • Dale Nelson profile image

      Dale Nelson 8 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks Jiberish

    • jiberish profile image

      jiberish 8 years ago from florida

      True,get rich schemes are just that. Live-ops is the only internet work at home business I know works. Good Hub.