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Updated on June 13, 2010

There is no lack of anything in the world; and hence there should be no jealousy or envy between men, because there is enough of everything for everyone who lives. We came into the world destitute of everything and go out of it with nothing except the wealth of character and even sometimes go without it. While we remain here we may borrow from wealth something or nothing according to our manner of thinking.

Becoming wealthy is same as developing ones individuality hence ones talents. What is called individuality is the development of the awareness of the universal wealth as the goal and possibility of ones individual wealth. From an ontological perspective, we human beings are each a singular whole that is part of the whole. This means that inside our conscious experience and awareness, the wealth of our being that has never been lost but has not really been known must be regained. It is when we regain the wholeness of our being that we attract the wealth of the universe. This is attainment of individual wealth is concomitant with and tantamount to the attainment of universal wealth. Only the universal man has authentic individuality, hence wealthy.

Hence the intelligence required for entrepreneurship is the intelligence of a fully developed individual. This actually evolves with the discovering of the “I am” in creation which grows with the awareness of universality. That is to say that one is something distinct and apart from everything else, the point where one begins to manifest the principles of self employment. Have you ever stood on the bank of a river and watch the water as it whirled round a centre in the middle of the stream? Did everything that came floating down upon the current. That was an individual centre distinct from other vortex in that stream, and because of its individualized strength it had the power of attraction and everything was drawn to it. So it is that men become vortices in this great universal sea of wealth and according as they become positive and strong do they draw to themselves whatsoever they desire.

Since the discovery of ones talent is an extension of self knowledge, an educational learning structure that is designated to develop self esteem needs to have the attainment of self-knowledge as its central aim. Before one can esteem ones wealth, one must-know one comes to esteem oneself as a singular yet universal manifestation of the highest value in and of the universe. Therefore in designing a learning structure or educational matrix designed for and conducive to the development of wealth, the Socratic maxim, ‘know thyself’ needs to take the central place.


Entrepreneurism is the awakening of genius within. To draw out your most unique ability to be you; the singular yet universal manifestation of the creations wealth. Developing competency in enterprise is developing the ability to think and act and produce results, without which one cannot be a truly productive and contributing member of society. Therefore within the educational learning matrix, people, children and youths in particular need to be given learning opportunities to develop their own thinking to produce values that contribute to the whole. My project have been founded for such science. There is nothing that builds your self employment more than your knowledge of your competency in your ability to think and act from your own thinking to produce results, be they solving problems or creating new products or artwork. Self employment at this stage comes from your self-confidence that you can think, act and produce values for others for the universe, and self-confidence that you can think, act and produce values for others, for the universe, and self confidence arises only from accumulating evidence of success and accomplishment. Therefore you must be given or you must give yourself a space of learning wherein you are allowed to think freely for yourself and to make mistakes without negative criticism until you can accumulate sufficient evidence of success in thinking, acting, and producing results. This is the kind of learning environment with which we ought to provide our children and youths so that they can become wealthy.

Few wealthy men have had any formal schooling and many men highly formerly educated are often times poor. We live in a very busy-ness age on record, and the hands or brain of every human being are urgently needed.

If one has an idea which could save an establishments expenses by a third, or increase the efficiency of its business, do you suppose it will not gain ones ears, if approached in the right attitude? Improvement and development are capable of being made in everything you could mention.

To alleviate poverty you must imbibe the compulsory philosophy that you are an individual and of use in some way. You also have the stuff in you as many world genuises like. But Gate and Emegwali, but it never occurred to you. It only wants awakening-bringing into activity.

Every man is a gold mine to himself and instead of letting others exploit him, he should employ himself. Only people with employed ability can get on the road to a wealthy life. We all can have ability just as well as anyone else. But thinking is the basis, for by it you dispel ignorance, the greatest cause of poverty. The road to knowledge can be initiated by a willingness to learn, and as ability is acquired fear which is another cause of poverty runs away.

Persistence of purpose is an ally of wealth. Too many cases of poverty have arisen from giving up too soon. To the man who sets his vows to go through his work, fate gives way. Such a man is certain of regular employment; he can employ himself, in short as soon as a man has confidence in his talents, he is fit to be his own employer. Hence the exploration of the full range of our ideas is not something one leaves to the chances of life. It is something that one looks forward to an endless and unpredictable dialogue between his potentialities and the claims of life on it. Not only the claims he encounters, but the claim one invents.

In my workshop handbook, I recommend that each seeker of employment focuses on his talents. When I offered these suggestions I later started getting mails from people who write and tell me, oh I don’t have a talent, how can I know my talent. In some of this cases. I replied and reversed the question to hobbies. In fact when I did and asked for hobbies, almost all respondents state one thing or the other that made up their hobbies. Talents are the earthly and spiritual values that constitute the hobbies of man. To these hobbies belong the abilities the gifts, the nature and strength of connections with the power of creation and its applications.

Men who are in rags do not trust themselves in their poverty. Most of us place our trust in other people, hoping that they would make it all right for us. If they did not, then fear takes its place in us. It doesn’t matter how low a man may be, it could be raised by beginning to put trust in himself. We all have the same creative force available but all that remains is to use it; and a thing can only be used by bringing it into the daily life.

By idealizing surroundings and self pursuits one would be led away from the clitches of poverty and its inevitable degrading surroundings. Not even a thousand part of the possibilities for development has been touched. And all these possibilities are open to us all. But we must think before we harness. In my first work, "“inning Strategies for Wealth in Information Age”, I stated that in order to get a better opinion of yourself, you must think.

So when an idea comes along, do not dismiss it, but try and make it as clear in your mind as a house you would like to live in. Many of us fail to improve our surrounding through slackening in an idea which needed a little more maturing, a little more incubation and improvement to blossom into a really good product for wealth.
We must not do a thing in the way our fathers did it, if it could be done in a better way. Improvement is a derived law of life, the law of motion movement. Movement of the right kind. Be on the look out for improvement, and develop the habit of observation. The cure for poverty is the result of real motion, mental and emotional. The man who is poor in love, in goodwill and belief in himself and his inherent powers is poor in pocket. To thwart the nature of creative values, is to thwart the money making possibilities.

The proper use of wealth can only came to those who have grown to the point where they can use it intelligently. Money cannot make brains in a man, but brains can make money, and all the wealth of the world have been tapped by brains. A lump of gold would not have any value were it not for the brains which first enabled it to be wrought into something- coin, jewel etc. Radium which is so highly valued today would not have been a penny sometime in the past had brains not discovered any use for it. So the same thing applies to everything. Develop yourself and you make yourself of some use, there is wealth for you, you fill a position which only you can fill. It may take you quite sometime, but what you gain is yours for all time. The development of yourself means that new layers of yourself have been reached, and everything brought into activity must express itself, or act so that the added growth will open up opportunities you can foresee at present, and your wealth will begin to blossom.

As like attracts like, so the impoverished mind attracts poverty; and so long as the mind remains fixed to that state, poverty must be expressed in the environment. To prepare for the life of abundance full of the powers that draws wealth, you must stand by the person you wish to do what it want do. To uphold your aim, by believing in yourself and never slacken one bit of the good perception you have developed for yourself. A man is that which he believes he is.

In a world which is daily increasing in wealth and must continue to increase, there is no need for poverty.


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