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There are several explanations why money is such a priority for people

Updated on December 3, 2011

This morning as soon I woke up my phone rang,

it was a debt collector on the other line.

"These are her words, this is business matter mama"

with the sleep still in my eyes I gentle place the receiver back on the phone

Why do people seem so preoccupied with money even those who already have plenty of it? There are several explanations why money is such a priority for people besides the obvious financial concerns. The first reason is with the expectation that we will receive money for work. Also, we are raised with the idea of money as a reward for achievements such as a strong report card, success in a competiton, or even turning one year older. Unlike a boss's praise or a job promotion, money can be held and counted. it can also be seen and appreciated by others. A final reason for money's appeal is that it is symbolic.

For many people, money is a measure of self-worth as well as a way of keeping score on how successful they are in competing with others...

So, this is where the corporate greed steps in...and the harassment begins

and this little article came into my head, so I decided to write a little something about money.

Somehow this Proverbs made sense to me.

"Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, which having

no captain, overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer and

gathers her food in the harvest, "How long will you slumber , O sluggard?

when will you rise from your sleep? " A little sleep, a little slumber,

a little folding of the hands to sleep..."so shall your poverty come on you like a prowler,

and your need like an armed man.


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