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Things That Can Make a Great Interview Even Better

Updated on October 30, 2011
practice your job interview with someone that can provide you with honest feedback that you can use to make your interviewing skills better.
practice your job interview with someone that can provide you with honest feedback that you can use to make your interviewing skills better. | Source

prepare for the job interview

When a job interview is being conducted there are several things the interviewer or human resource personnel are searching for in a candidate for the position;

Knowledge- do you know how to do the job. Do you have the skills needed to make it work, happen, occur and complete what needs to be done as assigned?

Aptitude- do you have all of the understanding and comprehension of the position that is open

Interpersonal skills –you will be working with the public or the company’s customers in some positions. However, outside of working with customers you have to be able to work with coworkers, outside contractors and of course your boss.

Ability-additional training and education is something that a company doesn’t want to invest in you to begin the process of filling the open position. Do you have the capacity and proficiency to do the job today is most definitely something every interviewer is looking into when you are being interviewed.

Usually a plus is the desire to work hard. All of these things combined will make you the perfect candidate. However, the physical appearance of a person will also work in their favor.

Your appearance

Did you know that taller men make more money than their counterparts under the six feet tall and beautiful people make more money than their counterparts that probably aren’t as attractive regardless of skills and education? Therefore, it vital that along with having the four resources that a human resource is searching for in a job prospect that you look the part of the person they want to offer the job to. Although genetically you cannot change what you have, make the most of what you do by looking or dressing great to impress the interviewer.

Clear communication

Communicate in a good and clear way during the interview. Leave everything personal at home. Even if you and the interviewer have a prior relationship, keep everything professional during the interview process.

The total of your attention is on the interviewer and the process as a whole. Don’t even bring a cell phone into the interview. Why? You don’t need it. You should never make or receive a call during the interview or around the interview time. Make certain you won’t be tempted to make or receive a call by leaving your phone in the car or turned completely off.

Be prepared for the unprepared

Thinking on your feet is something that you cannot prepare for and you should have in mind for every interview that takes place. This is when you answer a question and the interviewer will ask another questions entirely based on the answer provided to the first question.

Another think that you need to be prepared for is there may be times when you will be interviewed by more than one person. There are times when two or more people will be part of the interview process. This is usually relayed ahead of time, but certainly not always. Situations that may have more than one person interviewing you could include an interviewer in training, you will be working for more than one supervisor or leader, you will be interviewed by your team leader along with his leader or there are multiple supervisors. Be prepared for the unprepared.

Don’t delay your answers

Be prepared to answer one question after another question fluently. Ensure you can think on your feet. Make each answer to the point without a lot of fluff. Practice with someone as the interviewer and have them provide you with frank honest feedback. Remember they are trying to help you be your best at your interview and take their constructive criticism and make it work in your favor.

Body language says a lot

Body language is something that many people don’t practice before an interview which is a negative for the entire process.Body language can be used to work in your favor and can possibly work against your favor without you being aware of it. Body language can be worked in your favor during an interview.

Practice your body language in front of a mirror. Many of us have subtle cues of body language we aren’t aware of portraying until we do the exercise of looking into a mirror and what looks back at us may be a surprise. Imagine how important your body language becomes when we realize that 97% of what we communicate is body language and only 7% is verbal.

These are things to be aware of when you receive that phone call asking you to attend an interview. You have made it past the first cut and you are on your way to getting the job. In order to get the job take these things and put yourself ahead of the rest as soon as possible and stay there.


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