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I love Freebies!

Updated on April 16, 2016

1. BIC Razors

Never pay over a $1.00 for razors. Ever 3 months BIC puts out a $3.00 off coupon on its products and allows up to 4 coupons per person per day. This makes for super cheap, free, and even a possible moneymaker on both men and woman's razors. Try Dollar General, Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, Target, or even CVS for a great deal. Remember to stock up when these are so cheap!

2. Deodorant

Every 3-6 months deodorant goes on sale, and along with it will always be a coupon. I get free men's and woman's deodorant all the time at Publix. Look for bogo deals along with Sunday paper and coupons to match. Right Guard, Dove, Ban, and Almay are very common to being free or very close to it when a new coupon comes out. Try CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Publix, Target, or Wal-Mart to score an awesome deal.

3. Wet-N-Wild Makeup

Every 3 months Wet-N-Wild puts out a new coupon in the newspapers Redplum Insert from .50 off to $1.00 off. The coupons usually do not limit how many you can use a day therefore if you have 10 coupons you can use them on 10 items in the same transaction! You can score free nail polish, make up sharpeners, eyeliner, lipstick, and eye shadow! Match these coupons with the cheap prices and sales at Wal-Mart, CVS, and Walgreens and you have a great deal!

4. BIC School Supplies

Right before school starts stockpile your BIC stationary coupons! I always get pens for free and more when they give out the $1.00 BIC Stationary coupons between October-September in the Redplum insert of the Sunday newspaper.Stock up for the whole year on pens, mechanical pencils, highlighters, and whiteout while it is free, or just a few pennies. Try shopping for them on sale at Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Walgreens, Publix, Dollar General, or Target.Trust me you will not regret it!

5. Redbox

Redbox always has a free movie code out there sometime during the week!

  • Sign up for E-mails alerts and get a free movie code.
  • Sign up for text messages from them and get a free code
  • Purchase your first reservation and get a free code.
  • Codes also come every 2-4 weeks from both E-mail and text messages alerts.
  • On Friday-Sunday and holidays The Krazy Coupon Lady post their free code finds on their website! You could also just do a google search! Other websites try to list them for their users as well.
  • Like the Redbox Facebook page This way your the first to know of a coupon code.
  • Last but not least look for codes at gas stations with a Redbox kiosk. 7/11 has deals where if you by like a drink and a snack you get a free movie every 1-2 months.

6. Appetizers and Desserts

Almost ever restaurant has an E-mail club or an App. Sign up and almost always you will get a coupon for either a free appetizer or dessert. Also you usually get a free one on your birthday, and near holidays. In addition you will get other cool discounts and offers. Also sign up before you visit. Get full before dessert...get a free to go box for that free dessert!

7. Apps

NEVER pay for apps! There is always another app out there that has the same functions for no cost! Why pay when you can get it free? Most apps have "in app purchases", which Is how they can afford to run. But almost always you never even have to actual pay a cent to get the use out of the app that you are wanting. If it is not free, then it is not for me!

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