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Think and Grow Rich: How the Bad Economy Is No Match In the Faith In Your Ability to Succeed Financially

Updated on June 25, 2011

I have read Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill twice and will be adding some hubs here about it.

It seems that our ways of making money get worse when you do see competition taking some of that away, but the chapters on Fath and Autosuggestion train the person to think in such a way that you force yourself to make the money without even thinking. It is called Autosuggestion and it explains simply that if you keep faith in yourself to make a certain income you will.

You have to think that you have $50,000 in the bank and eventually you will.

I have read this book twice. You can get it real cheap on Amazon. It works well if read and followed.

What do you think of Think and Grow Rich?

For those of you who have read this book, do you find it valuable?

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Some methods of Autosuggestion as described in the book:

  1. Keep repeating to yourself that you already have the money you need in the bank.
    If you have a certain financial goal in mind, you simply tell yourself, every single day, 3 to 5 times a day that you already have the money.
  2. You need to make a goal of the exact amount of money you want as a goal. It is not enough to say generalized statements like "I want a lot of money". That is too broad and does not really create a goal. You need a hard amount of money to concentrate on.
  3. Use the 6 steps to financial freedom every single day. That is in the book and the topic of another upcoming hub.
  4. Tell yourself how you will acquire the money. You need autosuggestion to give you a course to follow. You cannot simply come into the money. You need a course or route to take that will guide you every single day.

Napoleon Hill tells you to become a broken record. It becomes boring after a while, but that is the way you keep that faith (I do not mean religious faith here). He says faith is the impulse of thought and it drives your thinking pattern and ambition. I can agree with that.

A very powerful sentence is Faith is the starting point for the accumulation of riches. That makes sense and is enough for me to keep it. Once you have the faith that you will make that money and how you will make it, repeating to yourself is what autosuggestion is all about. Autosuggestion basically helps you change your way of thinking so your mind drives you to make that money. Even in a bad economy, this is more powerful and there is money out there to be made. I assume autosuggestion is the best way to drive you that way.

Stay tuned for my other hubs on Think and Grow Rich where I analyze chapters that help us reach out financial goal.


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