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Easy Ways to Save Your Family More Money

Updated on January 9, 2016

Three Easy Ways to Save

There are a lot of ways to save money. A lot of these ways such as clipping coupons in the Sunday paper and scouring the weekly ads takes a lot of time. While I myself am an avid coupon clipping ad scourer, my favorite way to save money is by doing little to nothing. It also helps when those savings aren’t just a few cents here and there. So without further ado here are my three tricks for savings serious moolah.

For about twenty dollars you can order an attractions book for many of the areas in the U.S. I get one for my town every year. It is full of coupons for restaurants, many buy one meal get one free, fast food, shopping, oil changes, bowling, mini golf, and more. What my husband and I save eating out one time pretty much pays for the book. We use these coupons often on our date nights. With BOGO coupons for excellent restaurants in our area we can go to dinner for very little. The amount of money my family saves with the Attractions book each year is well into the hundreds.

Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart savings catcher is a part of the Walmart app on android and I phone. Simply download the app and create an account with Walmart. After shopping enter your barcode on your receipt and Walmart will shop around for you. If they find a lower price you get the difference. This not only saves time but money. You don’t have to spend an afternoon with your weekly ads or jumping from store to store. Walmart does all the work. I also use coupons when shopping so often times I get money back and pay nothing for the product in the long run.

Grocery Store Gas Cards

I absolutely love my grocery store gas cards. More and more big chain grocery stores are starting a gas perks program. There are also certain stores such as Shell and BP who offer a rewards program now to save on gas. I shop at BI-LO and Kroger often and both have fuel rewards programs. It averages .05 cent of per gallon for every $50 you spend. Some stores offer double points on certain days and certain items. Kroger offered double points on weekends this past summer so I did all my shopping on Sunday morning. I then fill up at their station and often save close to a dollar a gallon.

So there you have it! Those are my three favorite ways to easily save a nice chunk of cash doing things I would do anyway. Feel free to try these out for yourself!


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