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Five reasons the writing site Bubblews might perform even worse in future

Updated on January 7, 2015

Bubblews' survival in the writing sites world.

Bubblews is a site that pays contributors a part of their advertising revenue. Their premise is beautiful but is proving to be a challenge to maintain in the highly competitve world of online writing sites that pay.

Stats are not trackable on site

The fact that you can not see your statistics directly on the site makes it a drag to write for the site. They claimed to pay for every view, like and share of content on the site now they have disabled the view stats.

This means one has to go the extra step of setting up tracking through other sites to get a full overview of the activity their content is receiving.

Traffic is mostly from India

The fact that their traffic is mostly from India means that their market base in terms of advertising revenue generation is ranked low by the search engines. Bubblews has tried to address this by having a tier system where there are international contributors and US and UK contributors. The International contributors get paid later than the others.

This has led to a huge drop in contributors who are internationally based.

Quality of content is not A grade.

The fact that Bubblews is a platform that has a minimum requirement of 400 characters per post really dampens its chances of scoring high with search engines. Most search engines consider content that is 500-1500 words long. On the other hand Bubblews requirements in words would be less than 200 words. This means content will definitely take a hit when it comes to ranking with the search engines.

Payment takes 30 days to come through

The waiting period between claiming a payment and receiving it is far too long in my opinion. Usually writing online is motivated by quick returns, Bubblews model is not providing this "rush" for the writers with its 30 day waiting period.

© 2015 Victor Mavedzenge


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    • justom profile image

      justom 3 years ago from 41042

      How have you been Victor? I don't do much on here any more. Are you still in Oakland? Good heads up with this hub... Peace~