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Thrift Store NO NO's -things you should never sell in a thrift store.

Updated on April 18, 2015

#1 Pick of the week. Lancets

Look at top shelf - See the Lancets and right next to it is control solution.
Look at top shelf - See the Lancets and right next to it is control solution. | Source

Guidelines are simple

NOTHING goes out that is:

  • ripped
  • stained
  • torn
  • foul smelling
  • hazardous to anyone's health
  • could potential used as a weapon against you in your own store - e.g. butcher knives

Things you should never put up for sale in a thrift store

Common sense should prevail in a thrift store but apparently there is a shortage of common sense in the Tampa Bay area. Because I've spent the last two weeks culling local thrift stores for sell-able goods.

Please use common sense when putting stuff out for sale. Think would you buy this in a thrift store?

Diabetic Supplies a Big NO NO.

Another used diabetic testing kit on the sales floor of a local thrift store. ICK
Another used diabetic testing kit on the sales floor of a local thrift store. ICK | Source

First up is the ever present diabetic supplies

I see these sold in every thrift store I've been in the last week. WHY.

Because people are greedy or just plain uneducated.

The thing I'm most concerned about are those lancets on the top shelf. You know what a lancet is right. According to wiki a blood lancet is a pricking needle used to obtain drops of blood for testing. Now do you really want to shop in a store where they allow this type of needle out on the sales floor. I can only imagine all the problems this will cause if any of these get loose in the store. I don't really care if they are totally safe. You know about Murphy's law right.

I've also had to laugh at the price of the diabetic testing kits that stores put out for sale. Seriously folks - these need to go to the local homeless shelter if they will take them rather than take of valuable space on the sales floor.

Think about it ~ Would touch any type of used product that was involved with blood?

Some things should just go in the trash

Hanging shoe pocket - Whould you buy this?
Hanging shoe pocket - Whould you buy this? | Source

You don't have to put everything out.

Just because some well meaning person that they were giving you a gift doesn't mean you have to put it out on display and sell it.

People must have thought I was nuts because when I turned around from looking at lancets on the shelf and saw this hanging there on the hook the first thing out of my mouth out loud was "REALLY". Come on, I looked around for candid camera.

  • It was dirty and disgusting
  • It had an exposed wire hanging from the top half
  • Half the pocket were ripped

I couldn't even justify looking at the price because what ever they had on it was too much.

Priority Boxes are free from any post office and online

These are mine , taken in my car after I picked them up for free at local post office.
These are mine , taken in my car after I picked them up for free at local post office. | Source

The last no no for the week. Priority Mail Boxes

I was laughing too hard to remember to take a pix of these. But the last shelf had a stack of priority mail boxes on them.

I didn't look at the price because I knew it was just plain wrong.

This isn't the first time I've seen these FREE priority mail boxes in a thrift store for sale.

The last time was a year ago when I started to work for my last thrift store and the young lady that was "teaching me" to price pulled these and started to price them. I looked at her and said "You know these are free from the Post Office right" and into the trash they went.

Personally I would have offered to take them home but this store didn't believe in giving anything away and they would have probably charged me for them. You think I'm kidding - Nope if someone wanted something out of the dumpster they were charged a small fee for it. that should have been my wake up clue right there.

Nothing Ripped,stained or torn

I covered purses and handbags in another hub but I just came across this and just had to show it in the hall of shame for the week. This comes from one of the big chain thrift stores. I can't believe that their quality control has gone to hell in a hand basket. I found both of these items on the same rack. The one is a planner - who uses a planner anymore? and the other is a digusting tote bag.

No Rips, Stains or Tears

Dumpster material
Dumpster material | Source
So either it was put out like that or someone switched purses
So either it was put out like that or someone switched purses | Source

Attraction or Turnoff

Seeing this type of stuff in a thrift store. Does it attract you or turn you off?

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