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Thrift Stores and Salvage Shops in Atlanta, GA and Paulding County Georgia

Updated on February 7, 2011

With a large percentage of unemployment, as well as other economic factors in place more and more Americans are finding new ways to stay within their budgets. One way that is catching on is by choosing to shop at secondhand stores as well as other low cost options. In the Hiram and Dallas area there are a several thrift stores selling secondhand goods as well as "salvage" stores which sell new, overstocked products at low prices. This article will discuss a few of these locations.

The thrift store the majority of Paulding County residents are probably aware of is Goodwill. It is located on Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway (278) in the old location of Circuit City. The main benefit to shopping at Goodwill is that they have a selection of products that is unmatched by any of the smaller locally owned thrift stores. The selection of clothing is overwhelming, and is separated by type as well as having a separate section for men's and women's clothing. However, there is no further sorting, so you may have to search through many racks to find your size. In addition to clothing, Goodwill has a large used book department, toys, house wares, and more. Many people feel that the goods are priced higher than at many other thrift stores in the area however.

You never know what you'll find when shopping at a thrift store.
You never know what you'll find when shopping at a thrift store. | Source

The Paulding Plaza shopping center on Business Six is home to two locally owned thrift stores that both help raise money for charity. The first is Birdmom's Thrift Store, which is well known for having low prices, frequent sales and a quick turnover in merchandise. Each day of the week a different category of product is featured for a sale price which can result in some great values for the customer. Endless Yard Sale is located in the same shopping center, on the opposite end. A percentage of the proceeds from this store goes to Alzheimer's charities. This store also has a nice selection and very reasonable prices. This store is always staffed with knowledgeable and helpful employees making it a great place to shop.

Two other stores, which don't sell secondhand products but can help cut your budget, that are located in Paulding County are Brooke's Salvage and Smith Sales. Brooke's Salvage is also located in Paulding Plaza, while Smith Sales is on Highway 92 near the corner of Nebo Road. These stores both carry an always-changing selection of products that are overstocks from department stores, grocery, and drugstores. These are both great places to find unique gift ideas, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and more at a fraction of the original price.

Hopefully this listing of some of the thrift stores and salvage stores located in Paulding County will help the residents in their shopping. There are other great thrift stores in the area, which may be covered in a future article. With the holiday season upon us, it's more important than ever to save money when possible while shopping. For more information about shopping in Paulding County visit the forums at the website.


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