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Increase Your Productivity At Work: Tips from Tim Ferris

Updated on January 1, 2015

Double Your Productivity

Ready to double your workplace productivity? The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss will inspire you to change your life. Suddenly, you will start to question everything in your life...His formula is laid out using the acronym DEAL or DELA (if you're not ready to leave your job just yet).

Liberate Yourself from the 9-5

Ready to get out of the rat race? Get your hands on Ferriss' book today
Ready to get out of the rat race? Get your hands on Ferriss' book today

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown by Tim Ferriss

  • Definition-Define what it is you want. You can't begin to make changes until you have a clear vision of what you want. Do you want to start your own business? Are you ready to embark on a new adventure? Once you are clear about exactly what you do want in your life, you can move on to the next step.
  • Eliminate- pare down to the necessities so you can free up time for lifestyle design. What can you remove or reduce in your life to carve out time for what really matters? Use the 80/20 principle to eliminate the small time sucks that waste 80 percent of your time. Switch your focus to getting results. Are you wasting hours each day on the phone following up with clients that aren't interested or ready to commit? No more. You will now have a clearly defined plan laid out to avoid time-sucking tasks like checking email every ten minutes. If you could only work two hours each day, what would you spend that time doing? To achieve greatness, you must to begin to accomplish far more than you ever thought possible.
  • Be willing to change behaviors in your life that are not getting results. Once you change your mindset and develop a plan of action, you will begin to soar to new heights.
  • Automate-the best businesses run themselves. Remove yourself from the equation. Develop a business that can run itself. Before publishing 4 Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss ran a successful company selling supplements through sleek ads featuring good-looking, muscular men in fitness magazines. He recounts how he freed up massive amounts of time by instructing his staff to handle matters under $200, thereby reducing the need for him to personally answer emails regarding product-related concerns.
  • Liberation-Liberate yourself from your geographical location. You can work anywhere you want. If you want to travel the world and seek out new adventures, you can do that. If you prefer not to travel but would like to have more time with your family, you can do so. Anything is possible with small changes in your way of thinking. Start gradually. Make one change at a time.

Great Crash Course in Sales

Even if you don't quit your day job when you read this book, there are still plenty of great techniques you can use to transform your life. These include using the Pareto Principle (80/20) to eliminate troublesome clients, unnecessary email and other time wasting tasks. Limit tasks to just important ones to shorten your work time.

Imagine you have been diagnosed with an illness which severely limits the amount of time you can spend working each day. What changes do you need to make to increase your output and reduce your labor load. Don't expect your coworkers to be totally receptive to your new way of thinking. People are often scared of what they don't understand. Friends may say you are daydreaming and question your logic. Simply smile and continue on your path.

Don't let anyone tell you that achieving work freedom is not possible. Tim's book is full of real-life examples of people who have broken out of their trapped, mind-numbing jobs and begun a whole new, fulfilled existence. If you don't try, bow do you know that it's not possible?

9 to 5 is Arbitrary

As Americans, we are conditioned to believe that "success" means graduating from a prestigious college and landing a cushy job with benefits. Tim Ferriss suggests other options.

  • Batch tasks like checking e-mail. Pare down to once a week if possible. Otherwise, limit this to once per day. Pick a time of day for this and restrict yourself to only checking email at that time. These days, our phones buzz and beep whenever a new email arrives in our Inbox. This is highly distracting and a great time waster. We feel compelled to check our email every hour or even more often. Is it really necessary to check email every five minutes?
  • Reduce volume of work so you can be more effective. Don't get lost in the details. Use modern tools to be more productive including autoresponders and computer programs like Go To My PC.
  • Avoid Reactive Behavior. You should have a clearly defined list of tasks before you sit down at your desk each day. Otherwise, you will spend hours responding to messages and performing tasks in a single file manner.

Tim Ferris on YouTube

Work From Home One Day Per Week

Tim Ferriss suggests you ask your boss to let you work from home one day a week for two weeks. Use his puppy dog technique to pull this off. Suggest that you give it a try (like the pet shop offer to try a puppy out for 24 hours and bring it back if you're not satisfied) and make sure you increase your productivity significantly on those days. Show your boss how greatly productivity improved when you eliminated office distractions. Bosses love the results.

Ready to Jump Start Your 4 Hour Life?

Do you believe it's possible to work just a few hours a week and increase your productivity?

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Rent your property on Craigslist for easy extra cash today.
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Get Your Copy of Tim Ferris's Book Now

This book will change your life. If you haven't checked out Four Hour Workweek, you are missing out on an abundance of useful tips to boost your productivity at work and transform your personal life in the process.


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