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Container Gardening For Your Balcony

Updated on January 17, 2017

My Tomatoes Growing In The Topsy Turvey

It is the end of September and I am moving my Topsy Turvey to my Dining room for the winter.
It is the end of September and I am moving my Topsy Turvey to my Dining room for the winter. | Source

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If you do not have a gardening space and you miss gardening, you might want to consider helping out at a Community Garden. You get rewarded with vegetables for weeding and socializing with other gardener want-a be's that also have no gardening spot. It is a great way to help feed people who need food and learn gardening tips from people that have had gardens all their lives.

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard garden than learn the advantages of growing Kale, Beets, or Chard instead of Spinach.

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Getting Started

I live in an apartment ,on the third floor, in a small city in Stratford, Ontario,Canada. It is in the middle of a snow belt but all the snow has gone to the north of us to cities like Toronto, Barrie, and Ottawa.

Since I can not do my usual winter activities of cross country skiing, river skating, and my favorite walking though the snow drifts. I decided to plant my indoor garden of seeds for my Topsy Turvey on my balcony.

Planting From Seeds

drying the seeds
drying the seeds | Source
blue boxes mushrooms are sold in
blue boxes mushrooms are sold in | Source

Not Much Room For Vegetables On A Balcony

That is correct but first things first. I don't purchase seeds from the magazine or a store. I go the grocery store and go to the week old, or vegetable stand with vegetables in bags of ten or so because they have spots, or are not perfect, so they cannot get full price for them. Here I find tomatoes( grape,cherry and Roma's are the best for containers) cucumbers, peppers of all kinds and colors.

Also if you are lucky there will be chives, parsley,thyme,rosemary and more fresh spices that you can rescue to take home and freeze in your refrigerator for future stews and sauces. The best of these vegetables I cook and make spaghetti sauces and stews. The seeds I dry and plant in blue plastic boxes that mushrooms are sold in and you can get mushrooms here too.

Last time, I was in the store, I came home with three big bags of mushrooms and if you put them in a bowl with a little water in your microwave for three seconds, cool them down and zip lock bag them , you can freeze them also.

Planting A Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy stands about five feet tall and takes up two feet of floor space. These sell retail for $49.50 but I was lucky to buy mine in the fall for $7.00.
Topsy Turvy stands about five feet tall and takes up two feet of floor space. These sell retail for $49.50 but I was lucky to buy mine in the fall for $7.00. | Source
cherry tomatoes
cherry tomatoes | Source

Space Saver

The neatest space saver planter, I have found for my balcony is the Topsy Turvy Planter. It is exactly what the name says ,your plants grow upside down.

The assembly of this planter is very simple nuts and bolts. Then you fill it with miracle grow potting soil because it has time release capsules of soil nutrients, to grow your plants faster.

When my seedlings are big enough I plant the tomatoes on the bottom holes and cucumbers and peppers on the top holes. You place the planter in a room that gets seven hours of sunlight and water every other day. Then presto, you can grow your veggies year round and in the spring ,pick it up and move Topsy Turvy to a corner on my balcony. It looks great if you plant spices in the top also. Spices I have better luck if I buy the plants usually only a dollar a box in the spring of the year.


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