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Tips For A Perfect Vacation On A Budget

Updated on October 28, 2012


How To Vacation On A Tight Budget

Need a holiday ? Wondering how to get yourself and your family to a dream destination ? And your budget is tight ! Not to worry ! My brotherinlaw's family recently had a wonderful time at Goa, the hot Indian travel destination.They shared their tips and I have added a few of my own. Anyone from any part of the world can use these tips too.

  • Travel in a group : Form a group of like-minded families (my brotherinlaw picked a couple of relatives). All had kids who enjoyed each other's company.
  • Transport Costs : Traveling together saves you on fuel costs while sightseeing. Opt for a larger vehicle that is comfortable and cost effective. When traveling alone, you can rent a scooter or any two wheeler.
  • Book cheap airline tickets online : Choose a low cost airline such as Spicejet, Indigo, if you are in India and opt for a round trip while booking online. If you opt for night flights, the fare will be significantly lower. Check out the app on itunes. Currently, there is an offer of a FREE airline ticket for every ticket purchased.
  • Ask For Group Discounts : Instead of booking individual tickets for amusement parks or entertainment shows, ask for a group discount.
  • Accommodation : Instead of booking rooms at a hotel or resort , they rented out a fully furnished seaside villa, with spacious rooms and a kitchen. Each family had their own private space.
  • Budget Meals : Breakfast comprised of bread toast, eggs, butter and cheese bought the previous night while lunch was at local restaurants serving Goan cuisine. Dinner was prepared at the villa by a different family each day, and served on the beach by the campfire. Drinks and food costs were divided among the families.
  • City Tours : Sightseeing each day included the exotic Goan beaches, flea market, the famous churches. Para sailing and jet skiing was the highlight for the kids that were part of the group.
  • Optional Detours : If you choose, you can opt to travel by luxury coaches upto Goa and on the way, you can take in the sights of breathtaking beaches of Karwar, Mangalore and Ullal.
  • If your budget permits, booking a vacation package that includes free airport transfers, to and fro airfare, sightseeing trips, standard room accommodation, and breakfast might be right for you. has some wonderful packages that you can opt for. Rates are given per head on a twin sharing basis.

Accommodation in a hotel of any rating is charged per day and can be a huge drain on your pocket, whereas renting out a villa, can be the most satisfying and a huge saving as per the table below. Villa rentals are charged per month, whether you choose to stay the whole month or a few days. Also, you are free to let your children sleep in your room, whereas charges are levied for an extra bed in any hotel or resort. Similarly, with food and transport-children below 12 may eat less but will be charged in full at any restaurant. Since you are hiring a vehicle for sightseeing, you are at liberty to stop wherever you want and whenever. This is particularly good when your kids want extra time at some beach. If you opt for the sightseeing coach, you will have to be back in your seats before the time given at every place of interest.

In short, your family gets to enjoy the sights, smells and tastes of your dream vacation, without burning a hole in your wallet.

Rentals In Goa

Budget Hotel Tariff
Single Room
upwards of Rs. 800 per day
Double Room
upwards of Rs. 1000 per day
Budget Resort Tariff
upwards of Rs. 900 per day
Villa Rental
Rs. 10,000 upwards per month


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    • profile image

      CollB 6 years ago

      Brilliant hub. Thanks for the ideas and tips for preparing for a budget holiday!

    • ahmar2 profile image

      ahmar2 6 years ago from Lahore

      Awesome.ONe of the best vacation article I have read on hubpages. Refreshing.