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Tips When Using Craigslist

Updated on March 1, 2016

Craigslist is the holy grail for the stingy at heart. With discounted prices and the occasional gem, the website can be a great place to get the best deals on items you always wished you could own. Want that bookshelf from Target? Check on Craigslist first, you can't go wrong. But there is also the dark side to the bargaining website. Not as dark as Darth Vader, but more or less pretty scary for the faint at heart. Besides the fact that most of the time Craigslist requires shady meetups, it also has advertisements of the more personal (and sexual) kind. So if you're new to Craigslist, or any site like it, here are some tips and tricks to getting the best deals without being traumatized for life!

Never Go Alone... Ever

Although Craigslist can be a very friendly and happy place for its users, I would say its best not to go alone when it comes to meeting up with a seller. Always bring a friend that you know will be able to protect you in a time of crisis. You know, the friend that reminds you of a club bouncer (or is actually one)? Yeah, bring him. You definitely don't want to be caught off guard when it comes to meeting up with someone with a wad of cash in your pocket, this makes you an easy target. If you don't have one of these club bouncer-like friends, no need to worry! Just take the most intimidating guy you know with you! Better safe than sorry, amiright?

Meet in a Public Place

It might seem odd asking a seller to meet up. with brand new couch you've been eyeing, with you your local Barnes N' Nobles, but it's all about safety first. I'm sure you've seen most crime shows involving some sort of shady meet up. Know what they all have in common? They meet in public, and for good reason! It is common knowledge that people are less inclined to try anything illegal when in a well populated area. This ensures that both you are your money are participating in a safe transaction. Even if you're meeting in public, don't forget that scary looking friend!

Let People Know Where You are Going

As a woman living in the Big Apple, I always make sure to let at least one person know where I will be going. Remember that news story with the guy that got run over for stealing someones Iphone? Don't let that be you! A simple text as a heads up to friend or family member always makes a event feel a little safer. At least you know someone's got your back in case of an emergency!

Bring Someone With a Car

This is especially important when living in New York City. Picking up furniture items without a car can be a huge hassle. Imagine having to go into the subway with that thing? Absolutely not! It is important to have someone that has a car just for these special occasions. If you have a car yourself, that makes everything better! Just be sure to have the tank full of gas when you go on this adventure, you don't want to end up stuck in a place you don't know!

When it comes to Craigslist, always remember to be safe! Discounted items shouldn't be a death sentence too. Now go on my munchkins and shop until you drop!

© 2016 Tatiana Ho


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