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Tips For Earnings Success When Writing For Weekend Notes

Updated on June 14, 2018

Weekend Notes is a unique and fun platform to write for - and it's really easy to get started straight away. I have been writing for them for a few years and since then I have learnt a lot about how to make the most of this great site.

In this article I share with you a few insider tips and tricks you can follow to get well on your way to earning more writing for Weekend Notes.

A site worth writing for
A site worth writing for | Source

Images in Your Articles

There are a few things you can do in terms of images that can improve the quality of your articles, thereby improving your editor scores and your earnings.

  1. Use Images You Have Taken Yourself - Weekendnotes accepts the use of images that are properly attributed, but rather than that it's always preferable to use images that you have taken - especially since Weekendnotes is mostly about highlighting areas and activities in your local area. You often have access and insight to places you live in and can share this insight much more effectively through your photos
  2. Take Good Quality Images - While it is great to have a nice camera for taking photos, you can still take quality pictures with your smart phone. Learn a little about taking better smartphone pictures and ensure you have good lighting when photographing places
  3. Use More Images - All articles become more engaging if they have suitable images in them to break up the text. Weekendnotes articles require at least one photo per articles, but you can normally add up to 10 images per article. If your article is longer, you may be able to add more, but this is at the discretion of the editors.
  4. Use Uniformly-Sized Photos - It helps to make your article look more appealing if you keep the sizes of your articles mostly the same. This is not essential, but at the very least, give some thought to the order of images and how they will appear in the article. It's important that the photos complement the article and enhance the experience for the reader.
  5. Stand Out With Collages - You may have a lot of photos of a place you are writing about - but not all of them provide enough value to be worth uploading into the article individually. Instead use free resources like the PicMonkey Collage Maker to make colourful collages which you can use to combine a number of as images into one in your articles.

Use quality original photos where possible
Use quality original photos where possible | Source

Do You Write For Weekendnotes?

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Make Your Articles Count - With Prolific Awards

A great way to earn a little more on Weekendnotes is to meet a target number of articles pert month that allow you to be eligible for certain awards cased on how many articles you write. The easiest to target is the prolific award you get for writing 10 articles, for which you will earn $5.

Compete On The Scoreboards

Every month scoreboards are kept to determine how many articles are submitted by individual authors in certain categories. These categories include Places, Events, Activities and More. The writer with the most articles in a given category wins the award for that scoreboard for that month. Scoreboard Awards are worth $10 each.

A great approach is to restrict yourself to a particular category of article each month, and only write articles of that type. This will increase your chances of writing the most articles of that type. Do note that each article will need to be a quality article - as you should strive to make all your articles. Only articles with an editor score of 7 or more will be counted towards your scoreboard tally.

Enter The Competitions

Every month there are one or two themed competitions set for writers to compete for at Weekendnotes.The benefits of this include giving you a writing prompt, creating a challenge and some healthy competitions between writers, it gives you a goal to work towards because you have to submit the article before the due date. Meanwhile, the awards are pretty good too - $50 for first place.

Take time to write quality articles for Weekendnotes
Take time to write quality articles for Weekendnotes | Source

Target Quality

Writing for Weekendnotes can be a great way to practice your craft. If this is something you want to do, concentrate on writing in-depth articles of a high quality., Not only will this increase your readership and the amount of people that subscribe to you, but you will greatly increase your chances of getting Editors Awards for quality articles.

Articles about popular events draw a lot of readers
Articles about popular events draw a lot of readers | Source

Write About Popular Places and Events

It's good to write a wide range of articles but also try to write about some particularly popular places and events. Examples of this can include tourist landmarks in your city and annual events around the festive season like parades.

These places and events tend to get higher traffic, thereby increasing your earnings.

Earn more by getting links to your articles on the websites of businesses you write about
Earn more by getting links to your articles on the websites of businesses you write about | Source

Paid Links

This aspect of earning from Weekend Notes will require a little more on your part. This is specifically suitable for articles that you write that review local businesses. In order to earn you need to get a link to your Weekend Notes article put on the website of the company that you are reviewing.

So for example, you decide to write a quality article on your favourite restaurant. Once it is published on Weekend Notes you make a phone call to the restaurant owner or Manager and request that a link to the article be placed on their website. You can always write an email to them as well, or if you know the place well, you can approach them in person.

There are certain conditions related to how to correctly submit links for payment to Weekend Notes, and these can be found in the Writers FAQs. To summarize, however, each valid link will earn you $10. If the website keeps the link on their site for another 6 months after the first submission of the link, you will earn another $10 at that time. Depending upon where you live you will be paid in Australian or American Dollars or as Great British Pounds.

Optimize your article titles
Optimize your article titles | Source

Do You Use SEO In Your Articles To Improve Traffic?

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Use Search Engine Optimization

Just like any articles that you write online, consider making use of SEO techniques. You can increase readership to your articles just by giving your article a title that contains some popular keywords related to your article. Use a free tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to help you find these keywords.

Make your writing earn for you
Make your writing earn for you | Source

A Final Word on Weekendnotes...

Like most writers I have scoured the internet for sites that pay me better for my writing. And while there are many sites that you can pitch to and get paid for well, these sites usually pay you upfront for the articles.

On the other hand there are few sites that allow you to write and earn a passive income that pay as well as Weekendnotes. The earning potential is impressive when compared to other sites of its kind and this is what keeps me so loyal to the site - and adds to the enjoyment of continuing to contribute to this platform. Why not give it a try and see for yourself!


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    • Rota profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      FlourishAnyway, no problem, few people have heard of it but its such a great site, I hope you enjoy writing for them!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      I've never heard of the site so thanks for the information.


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