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Tips For Making Money From Home

Updated on June 18, 2012

We All Need More

Weather you need extra income to provide for your family or just to save for that something special, we all could do with extra cash. Let me explain why I needed more cash. Firstly I have sold my flat recently as me and my wife are looking to start a family and obviously need a family home, now although we both have good jobs and earn a good wage it is never quite enough and there was not a lot of equity in our flat for one reason and another.

This simply meant that we needed to increase our mortgage by around £60,000, this comes at a hefty price as you can imagine so extra cash helps, Its all very well doing overtime and earning bonus but what else can we do without working all waking hours. Well I'm going to provide some basic steps to earn more money, They all take a little work unfortunately but if you do persevere you can earn anything from £10-500 a month!.

Quick And Easy

  1. Sell Goods. Spend Half a day clearing out all of your junk, or indeed any items that you don't use or haven't touched for at least a year and this includes things such as dvd's, cd's, clothes, old electronics such as mobile phones and DVD players etc. Put all of these things onto eBay when it is a free listing day and you don't even have to pay to list them then. You could also do a car boot sale and raise some funds that way with the junk you have in your loft or garage. You will be surprised at the amount you may have. Most families tend to have a few hundred pounds worth of unwanted goods to sell.
  2. Surveys: Sign up with as many free survey sites as you can and use an email address that you have just created in case of junk mail, do not use your own. Every day there will be lots of new surveys for you to complete, some will be 5 minutes long and some will be 30 minutes or so. You will not be eligible for all the surveys so that is why it is best to sign up with a few companies, You can earn anywhere between £0.50 to £1.50 per survey and if you spend a couple of hours you can easily make £2-4 a day, do this every day and that's a tidy sum, Not quite a normal hourly rate but worth doing while you sit watching television.
  3. Mystery Shopping: On your days off from work how would it feel to be able to go to the cinema or out for a nice meal with your wife and be paid for it, Well you can do this and much more if you sign up to several mystery shopping websites, Most of them are free or charge a nominal fee but this can be made back in no time, All you have to do is enter your details and say how far you are willing to travel and the things you enjoy doing etc and then you can get assignments to carry out at a time that suits you.

Long But Profitable

  1. Hubpages: Ok so I know you were all waiting for me to put this in here but it has to be done, Just think all it would take is maybe a couple of hours a night for 3-4 months to be bringing in an extra £40-£100 a month and there is no real limit on how much you can earn, Write about the things you love and are passionate about and it will show in your writing, There are people on hub pages that are earning more than you or I will in our day jobs but that is a rarity, You get in what you put out, Of course hub pages if free to join via this link.
  2. Building a Niche Website: Building a niche website is not as hard as it sounds, Once you have hosting and have brought a domain name, all you need to do then is set up the site and add lots and lots of good quality articles. Once you have added AdSense and also maybe Amazon you can soon start to see the money roll in, That is assuming you have the traffic to your site. If done well this can be quite profitable. Although it does take some time to do well.
  3. Renting Your Drive Or Garage: Although we are not all blessed with a huge driveway or garage some of us are and also don't use the garage or would happily park in the road if it meant a little extra cash. There are several sites out there that can help put you in touch with people looking to park near a station and save themselves some money. You can earn up to around £120 a month for letting out your driveway and or garage. It may take some time to get someone interested depending on whereabouts your house is located.
  4. Competition Time: Of course entering competitions is no guaranteed money earner but if you create a second email address and have a spare pay as you go phone, it is sometimes worth signing up to many competitions, if your not fussy about what you could win then go for it, I would suggest turning your PAYG phone on once every three days or so to see if you have received a winners call. The more competitions you enter the bigger your chance of winning. I have at one stage entered up to 100 competitions in one mornings work!! And yes I have won stuff, The worst being a Mug and the best being a Television so give it a go, you may just get lucky.

Why Bother!!

All of the above ideas of course require you to do some work and possibly spend your evenings on a computer so why bother?, Because the more work you put into life the more you are rewarded I always feel, I understand that we should all be earning enough from our day job to live comfortably but unfortunately it doesn't happen and especially not in today's climate.

Put in as much work as you are comfortable with, I have tried all of the above and made money on all of them so they do work, If I had done them all at the same time then I would of been bringing in another £500-£800 a month which is a fair amount of money.
Good luck people, I would love to know if any of you readers try these ideas and how successful they are for you.


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    • Redberry Sky profile image

      Redberry Sky 5 years ago

      Having a niche website is also a good way to get free stuff for review purposes, and even without a website you can get on the mailing lists of your favourite companies and get sent free samples - I've not had to buy most of my cosmetics for years because I've signed up to so many! Great ideas in this Hub, warchild75, voted up and useful :)

    • informationcentre profile image

      informationcentre 5 years ago

      This is really an informative article, actually I have also written some article with this same topic 'make money online' However recently I found a way to make some extra cash and it is by testing websites from home. If you have time check out my blog article about this. I liked this article!