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Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Bargains

Updated on November 24, 2014

With the incoming holiday season rapidly descending upon us, everyone knows it's that time of year again where there is a flurry of holiday shoppers doing some last minute shopping while scouring storefronts and the web for some unbeatable deals. Everyone loves a great sale, but how exactly do you find a deal with amazing savings? It's hardwired in our brains to find the best deal and the lowest price all around, but do you have the patience and the time to find the lowest deal and the best savings? Most companies participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, but how do you know that you're getting a great deal?

Let's use the automotive industry as an example. Most people in the United States own a vehicle so they are constantly on the lookout for a good deal to maintain their cars or to get some low cost accessories or upgrades for it. A car should always be operating at a safe condition so it's a given that retailers in the automotive industry are always enticing consumers on better ways to upgrade their vehicles.

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November and December are huge selling months for the car industry, so companies are giving out deals even earlier and extending their promotional periods. Black Friday used to be exactly like its namesake suggests, and takes place only on Friday. However, we are seeing a trend where Black Friday doesn't actually start on Friday, but instead takes place as early as Thursday morning. Companies will send out newsletters and update their social media pages to let their customers know what kind of sale they're having and when they're having it. Subscribe to company newsletters and social media pages to get the latest news on incoming sales.

Lease specials on vehicles are getting better as auto makers compete with each other during the holiday season. A great deal in November gets people into the dealership to check out the cars and possibly secure a 36 month lease on a brand new, shiny car. It's fascinating to see an upwards spike on people securing lease deals during the Thanksgiving promotional period, when in the past the last thing people wanted to do was spend their time at a dealership. Keep in mind that dealerships compete with each other so you should do some research and know your car information before stepping inside a dealership.

Make yourself familiar with the deals, finance and lease specials during the Thanksgiving promotional period and the sales team would be happy to work with you on your dream car. You may even be able to negotiate your way to a car with a higher end technology package. Gone are the days where the bare bones base package was the norm. Nowadays, people splurge a bit to get that premium technology package with navigation, high end sound system, fiber optics LED lights, and even luxurious upgrades like a heated steering wheel or dual-climate control. If you do your research and know your market value, you'll be able to walk into a dealership with a wealth of information and secure a great deal on a nice car that's complete with an ultra luxurious package

Keep an eye out for what you want. For instance, car accessories are always a hot commodity because people like to deck out their cars to customize it to their personal tastes. According to the United States Census Bureau, the average commute is about a half-hour one way so if workers spend about an hour in their cars every day, they might as well make the best of it. Spend a few minutes browsing your favorite car websites. Maybe you want to swap out your old factory halogen lights to get a brand new set of LED lights. Check out the sites to see which ones you like, save the pages, and pounce on the item as soon as you see a deal.

If you hate crowds, take advantage of online retailers and mom and pop e-commerce shops. These smaller online stores have to compete with big box retailers during the Thanksgiving holiday, so they will oftentimes have great deals on lower priced goods. Many smaller, family owned businesses have one storefront, so they rely on sales over the web. You bet that these smaller companies will churn out some great Black Friday deals in order to get some traffic and sales their way during the holiday season. These smaller companies even sell on eBay and Amazon so be on the lookout for deals. You can do your Black Friday shopping in the comfort of your own home without having to deal with crowds, parking, or the occasional belligerent shopper.

The holiday shopping season can be stressful, but it doesn't always have to be that way. By being informed, you have the upper hand to help you find the best deals and the greatest steals. The satisfaction of finding an unbeatable deal is a great feeling, but all you need to do is be prepared with a little bit of research.

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