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Tips for Moving On a Budget

Updated on May 1, 2015
Nathan O'Nion
Nathan O'Nion | Source

One thing that I never realized I would have to do in college is move at least twice a year every year. It puts such a high emotional strain on me to move to a new place that I know will take time to become a home. One of the factors that many people don't realize is how expensive it can be as well!

Tips for Moving On a Budget:

1. Use everything As Storage

Use every suitcase, drawer, bin as packing storage. This will save a lot of money of boxes.

2. Don't fold Closet Clothes

Take your hung up clothes and push them all together. Then grab a big garbage bag and go bottom up and cover all the clothing and tie shut. Bam! Easy to transport from one closet to the other without having to re-hang up all your clothes.

3. Start Ahead of Time

Make sure to give yourself enough time to pack so you aren't packing on moving day. This will make everything packed more securely and safely.

4. Have A Go To Bin

Make a bin that is the last to be packed and the first to be unpacked. This bin should include clorox wipes, garbage bags, dish soap, box cutter, etc. All in all, just put in objects that you know you are going to need in the unpacking process.

5. Go through the entire home with a dust rag and the vacuum Before you start unpacking

Getting all the dust out will help the feeling of having a new home. Cleaning before unpacking is also much easier than cleaning after packing, or while packing.

6. Keep all clothing and non- breakable items in the drawers they belong

Take out the drawers and wrap with plastic with all of the objects still inside. This will create added storage and make unpacking easier.

7. Invest in under the bed bins

These are the best things for frequent movers, because then you storage and moving storage. The best under the bed storage I have ever bought are the Skubb storage cases from Ikea.


8. Keep an extra set of clothes, toothbrush, shampoo, and conditioner ready for the end of the day

When you are tired, dirty, and sweaty, that last thing you want is to continue to go through boxes just to find soap or clothing to wear. Keep a bag of objects that you will need for your first night when all of the small objects may not be yet unpacked.

9. Put all the closet items away first

Once you start to unpack a room, unpack all of the items that are going to go in closets first. It will be a lot easier to get the objects that are naturally supposed to be out of the way, out of the way

10. Stop shopping AT LEAST 10 days before you move

This may be one of the toughest parts to moving, however will help in the long run. Stop all grocery shopping at a minimum of ten days before you move. This will help you not have to move, throw out, or give away due to lack of consumption. Also while you are looking for what you can eat over this period, you can toss anything that may be expired.

11. Set a forward address AT LEAST one week before you move

Many people forget during all the stress of moving about their mail. Make sure to set your forwarding address so you do not get penalized or loose expensive documents.

Holly Lay
Holly Lay

12. Change all your default online shipping addresses to your new address

This is also a very common area that people forget. I have way too many times shopped on Amazon or other online sites after I have moved and forget to change the address where my order needs to go!

13. Color coordinate your boxes

To make unpacking easier, grab colored tape or markers make every room one color.

14. Count all your boxes

Along with color coordinating, keep not of how many boxes for each color there are. This will help make sure nothing gets lost.

15. Sell or give what you don't want

Last but definitely not least, give away, donate, recycle, or toss any objects that you are sure that you don't want or need. If you have clutter why move the clutter?


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