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Tips for freelancers - How to win projects in the competitive online market place

Updated on September 5, 2011

Many people now aware that there is a huge potential in the freelancing job market. When compare the advantages it poses over the traditional working environment (traditional 8-5 office jobs) or as a secondary income source in this difficult economic environment, there is no doubt that freelancing jobs have a greater value. There is an increased number of people registering in these freelancing sites nowadays but very few become successful in winning jobs.

Failure of very many of these job seekers is not due to their lack of technical expertise or inability to perform the task to the employer’s satisfaction, but mainly due to their inability to express themselves attractively to the employer, improper communication and selection of wide array of disciplines to provide services. Here, in this article – tips for freelancers – I am trying to point out some important, yet simple tricks that you can follow in the process of creating your profile and applying for jobs especially in the early stages of your online freelancing carrier.

These are the exact things I followed and in wining jobs in online freelancing sites. Try them for yourself!

1.Tips for freelancers in creating the portfolio.

This is the very first place that the probable employer will first look at in evaluating you. Every freelancing site allow you to create your profile, explain yourself or your ambitions, add a portrait of yourself, add your best projects, add your current projects etc. Use all these features to the maximum to showcase who you are and what you do exactly. When an employer gets few dozens of applications to select from for a job posted, he does not simply have enough time to go through each of the applicants profiles, work history, feedback etc if they are two messy. Also there is no need for an employer to examine a CV by hard when there are plenty of many other alternative candidates are available. They simply will neglect you. Therefore it is your responsibility to present yourself clearly if you are serious about wining job. And don’t forget to do the free subject skill tests provided by many freelancing sites. They will be added to your profile. So try to do as many skill tests as possible which you think applicable to your area of expertise.

2. Tips for freelancers in applying for jobs

This is another important aspect and which is an ongoing process. Proper use of the English language is very important. Provide all possible communication options and preferable times for communications. Email, and Skype are the most important. Write very attractive covering letters and don’t forget to attaché, if possible a sample work relating to the job applying for. This will be very useful for the employer to evaluate you.

3. Tips for freelancers in maintaining a good feedback score.

Feedback score, which is given by your employers, is the single most important deciding factor of the success of your online carrier. So you have to take every effort to maintain it as high as possible.

If you have anything else worth mentioning please feel free to write them down in the comments section.


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