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Tips for great Thrifting

Updated on December 3, 2012
finding what you like
finding what you like | Source

Being a frugal shopper is a lot of fun

When you walk into a thrift store you need a few strategies to find what you are looking for. Some thrifts are very organized while others really make you dig in and look. Either way you have to have a good eye and knowledge about what is quality when you see it. Start with setting your own philosophy about how you should shop. I personally feel like when an item is over five dollars it has to really be a steal for me to get it or it has to be practically brand new. I also think that it is important to know about name brands and what they cost brand new. If you find an item that would cost you a hundred dollars brand new and you see it in good condition for twenty, well do the math. You would be getting a deal saving 80%.

So here are a few tips to remember:

1) Take a friend with you to aid you, it is nice to have another pair of eyes with you to help you spot quality and to inspect items.

2) Go with a budget, and do not just by things because they are cheap. I have bought things just because they were cheap and did not use them. Be sure you are buying something that will have a purpose. It is terrible to have a house full of clutter because you have bought more than you can actually effectively use.

3) Ask for coupons or where you can obtain them. Some thrift stores have an award card or specials days of the week when they take large discounts off of certain items.Others observe holidays and have discount events.

4) Be cautious about buying items that you cannot clean. For example, mattresses and couches might have bedbugs in them. I would not purchase furniture in most cases unless it was just a frame without cushion of any sort. I always keep clothing tied in a bag until I properly wash them.

5) Remember that most times all sales are final, so be sure you really want something before you get it.

6) If you are looking for clothes and you do not want to try them on directly on your skin, just stand in front of a mirror and drape them in front of you. I learned one trick, if you want to know if something like pants or a skirt will fit around your waist, you can try taking the waist part and if it fits around your neck it should fit around you. You can also put the waist part up to your waist and if the sides reach around to the mid part of your thighs on both sides than it should fit.

7) The should I buy this garment checklist:

-no fades, holes, stains, rips

-clean collar

-most buttons or decor is there


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