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Tips For Making Money Online: Feature Points

Updated on October 21, 2015

Do you want to make some decent money from the comfort of your own couch? Look no further than!! In my opinion this neat little website is a gift from some kind of divine being, given to humanity for those who are smart enough to pull the rapping paper off. Before you begin reading just a quick note: feature points requires you to be able to download apps, so you'll need a tablet, phone, iPod or similar. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with a laptop or computer.

First up, is it a scam?
I can confirm that this beautiful website is not a scam. You can genuinely make money from it, and it won't install any viruses onto your computer. It will need to install a profile onto your device, but this is completely harmless. If you need further confirmation, simply google it (after all, google has the answer to any question you could possibly ask).

How does it work?
Feature points uses a rewards system, meaning you wrack up points and then trade them in for PayPal cash, amazon gift cards, apps at a cheap price, Starbucks gift cards and much more. To earn points you have to download apps that are suggested on the feature points main page. The amount of points you can earn varies from as little as ten to as much as over two hundred (if you find one of those little gems then for gods sake, download it)! Feature points provides you with a link that will redirect you straight to the app store, so you don't even have to go to the extra effort of finding the app yourself. Often the apps are pretty lame, but you have no obligation to kept playing them after you've downloaded them! To get the points you are usually required to use the app for a single minute, and sometimes you have to complete any tutorials it offers (which may take around five minutes). Once you've finished with it, you can delete that sucker and you never have to look at it again. Alternatively, if you enjoy the app then you have every right to keep it on your device.

Examples of the rewards:
If you live in the U.S you're in luck, because you have access to the widest variety of rewards. They change frequently, but at this present moment you're able to claim things like:

  • A $5 Starbucks voucher for 3,000 points.
  • A $25 Amazon gift voucher for 15,000 points.
  • A $10 Xbox gift code for 6,000 points
  • A real 16GB iPad air 2 (worth $699) for 299,400 points!

If you don't live in the US then don't sweat it!! Most countries have relatively the same rewards as the US, and anyway the PayPal cash is world wide! You can recieve:

  • $3 in PayPal money for 1,800 points.
  • $25 in PayPal money for 15,000 points.
  • $50 in PayPal money for 30,000 points
  • $200 in PayPal money for 120,000 points (cha-ching!!)

Note: All money is is USD but can be converted to the currency of your choice.

Tips and tricks:

  • Don't go crazy download too many apps at a time. Unless you have a really amazing internet plan, it'll suck up all of your downloads!!
  • If you sign up with a referral code, you'll get a sweet bonus as soon as you've logged in for the first time. You can use mine if you want, it's: G23Y86
  • When you sign up you get your own referral code, and if you get your friends to sign with it you get a massive 50% of all points they get!! Obviously you're not taking the points from them, you get the 50% on top of what they get. (Ahh, now you understand why I gave you my referral code to use).
  • Try to save up those points!! It can be tempting to just claim little three dollar vouchers here and there, but when you save for a bigger reward and you get it it can be so satisfying.
  • Feature points can't really replace a full time job, unless you're on it 24/7. It's more like an income supplement, though it works as a great alternative for teens who need money but don't want to work in a gross fast food joint!

Once again, use my referral code when you sign up to get bonus points: G23Y86. Now, what are you doing still reading this? Go forth and make some cash!!

Have a great day and happy money making!


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