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Tips on Gold and Silver Investment

Updated on November 23, 2013

Gold Bars

You are reading this article because you know that gold and silver are good investments. There is a worldwide competition among different countries to devaluate currencies and the constant inflation drives investors to look for other sources of real money. In fact, real money is how some experts describe these precious metals – they are the real deal. In order for you to grasp fully the value of gold, you need to learn the trade.

If you are discouraged to invest in stock exchange because the economy is not on your side then you should invest in gold and silver. In reality, the value of gold and silver will inevitably rise as the value of dollar falls. Inflation pushes the value of gold further. This means that when economy is not doing great, investors turn their focus on gold bullions and the law of supply and demand follows suit. Owning these precious metals gives you protection from inflation.

Gold Coins

When the Economy Rebounds

However, you must also keep in mind that you must monitor the market well. Once the dollar regains its strength, investors would shift to stocks that would eventually lower the value of gold and silver. It is an approximate commodity because you cannot earn from interest and may cost money to store where other people cannot steal it.

Buying gold and silver in Canadian banks is highly advisable because they can give you a sundry of investment options. They can also give you a direct investment account that would allow you to invest in security similar to a brokerage account. Keep in mind that the bank would never buy your gold at market value. If you wish to gain profit from it, you should buy gold at a time when the currency is high when gold value is lower and sell it during inflation.

Websites to trade online

You can also check out these websites accredited to trade online:


Vault for Gold

Publicly Listed Companies for Gold and Silver

Please also do check out some publicly listed trading companies for gold and silver:

  • Baja Mining Corp.
  • Belo Sun Mining Corp.
  • Caledonia Mining Corporation
  • Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
  • Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd.
  • Goldgroup Mining Inc.
  • Marengo Mining Limited
  • Markland AGF Precious Metals Corp.
  • Walbridge Mining Company Limited
  • Wesdome Gold Mines

Where to keep it?

Once you buy gold or silver bullion, your next concern before trading it is how you are going to store it. Remember, once your gold is lost, it is lost forever. You can have it insured but it is not similar to stock certificates that you can have replaced. Therefore, you have to store it well. You have three options.

You can keep it in your safe if you feel that it is going to be safe in your premises. Second, if you feel somewhat paranoid that someone might steal your gold bars from your safe, you can opt to rent a safety deposit box in banks or you can go with a storage firm that specializes in storing gold bars. However, the most advisable of the three is storing in it safety deposit boxes as it is cheap compared to storage firms and safer than your safe.


A successful investor is the one who knows the tricks of the trade. Gold is something that never loses its value. The value may plunge from time to time, but knowing when to buy and sell is very crucial. It is important that you check out several trading companies and check whether they are accredited, find out if they have a good reputation, and ensure that they can work with you professionally. You also need to be a reputable investor by paying your obligations timely.

Storing your gold and silver is just as important as buying and selling it. You need to choose wisely on how you would keep it. Gold has pure value but you should never forget the real value of being a good investor


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