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Paying for college: Best Ways of making money during college

Updated on April 2, 2014

Colleges fee is rising consistently due to recession and also heavy competition to get education from good or reputed institutes. This makes it difficult to pay the fee and maintain other basic requirements of stay, food etc.

But the best portion is there are also enough options in paying for college like support from governments and other private bodies in the from of college grants, scholarships etc for the students and also those willing to perceive higher education.

Even there are better employment opportunities to make money in college period to sustain the expenses incurred.

In fact the conditions are very better and encouraging than past for students to pay for college.

Make money


Paying for college instantly i.e college fee

To rise money instantly in times of fee payment, private or government scholarships (university grants) are of immediate help . The scholarship options for students are in general at the level of 10+2 or 11th class onwards through graduation, post-graduation studies. The scholarships at the level of doctoral studies or post doctoral (Pdf) training are awarded as research scholarships or research associate-ships.

So go and search for various college grant programs in your country or state.

But these scholarships are awarded for meritorious and high grade achievers . But if you don't have good grades you still better apply because, it is not that everyone finds the opportunities and also apply for them. many a times even luck may favor you so go ahead and apply for them.

Next immediate money rising option is Bank college loans i.e student scholar loans / educational loans. The the government banks and private banks offer them

These loans are meant to be awarded for any student who wishes to perceive his or her education. But these loans are given to the students depending on factors like

Security providers

Reputation of the educational institute

Nature of education i.e future employment or monetary options of the course perceived.

Better the security, reputation and monetary options , the more chances for the student to get loan from banks.

The above parameters are stringently observed by private banks

Ways to make money in college

Thinking of how to make money during college is another best option not only to pay for college but also to pay for any loans taken for education. It is also a best way to build future security.

Even Warren buffett one of the worlds richest man remarks that he feels guilty for having started investing at very late age of eleven years and he must have started even earlier :-). Wow! then is it not good to start altleast at the age of college?

Google which is one of the richest and topmost fortune 400 companies was started by Larry page and Sergey brin as a research project as PhD students at Stanford university.

I believe that a person who does earn in their college days are far more successful than their counterparts.

So why not a guy at college think of making money while he/she is in college?

Making money reality in college

Making money is not a day job i.e its not that easy. It requires good initial preparation to provide service or get technique to sell something, marketing etc. It also needs time for you to understand in which field you have a good potential to make money.

So if this learning is started well from college days. It gives you time,security and also whole some self confidence.

There are lot of options of making money but in practice you need to put a bit of constant effort attended with patience and learning. Because this is also the age where most of us are mentally unstable and have fickle mindsets.

We run a lot behind fantasies, attractions and waste our valuable time and creative ability.

So lets have an idea to also include some time for making money during this college time. Because the idea of study well and get a job is outdated in the present world of upgraded technology and information.

So if you don't include this option of make money during college you will surely lag behind in the long run.

Ways to make money in college

The income means should be not disturbing your college curriculum and also not tiresome to you. Keeping this in mind we can opt for.

1. Part time Jobs.

Tuitions: You can take role of a teacher to coach some pupil in the subject you are expert. This can make you decent sum of money. It also helps you revise your previous subjects. Since it involves face to face communication with pupils you even develop your personality skills like losing stage fear, improving your vocabulary, losing your fear of people etc. It has a disadvantage like you will get tired if you to travel to the place of teaching and also teaching to a big group of students with high voice etc. But this method gives you immediate results with some money in your hand at the end of the month.

2. Marketing: This is a kind where in you can try to sell some product among friends and related people and make money during your spare time. You need to demonstrate the product give its merits and ask them to try once (but remember you need to try them on yourself before). If your products are good enough to win some regular customers, you can have steady sales month after month. This is comparatively a hassle free business which keeps your mind refreshed as you go for public interaction. You even come to know different people and their taste and build your relations. This is a great way to boost your personality. If you are a shy kind of person then this way of money making is not for you.

3. Paper boy: This job is possible if can spend some time preferably in the early morning hours. You will need to distribute dailies or weeklies to private houses. This also gives you a good physical exercise if you can use a bicycle. This i s a bit laborious job as you need to move around for long distances. Since you early mornings are tiresome, you may have little strength to carry your duties in the college entire day.

4. Brokerage busyness: If you can have a good idea about the locality or city where you stay, you can involve yourself as broker for real estate business, matrimony, medicine distribution from distributors to retail stores etc.

5. Courier service. Here you need to distribute courier parcels to the addressee. This can also be tiring.

6.Online options: Internet provides one off the biggest platforms to earn money online on part time.

You can carry on the work in your leisure at your own pace. But initially you require to be persistent and willing to learn. There are chances you may loose huge amount of time finding the right mode of income.

I) Online Jobs: include Typing work where you need to type for some one. If you are good at medical terminology, you can try medical transcription, You can also opt for web tuition, web counselling, online survey etc.

Web designing if you are a technology student. Software designing etc

II) Online Busyness: This is of two types.

a) You earn due to product sales b) You earn commissions due to Add display.

Earning due to sales: Here you sell some products on the net. This is e commerce. You have an appealing and interesting content for a product and try to enhance sales of the product.

The sales can be your own product (direct sales) or you can sell some others product (affiliate marketing). Since commissions are usually huge you can benefit well. Even the market is broad or worlwide. Some of the affiliate site include Amazon, click bank, commission junction, ebay, Paydotcom.

But this is not as easy as it is mentioned. It requires proper planned efforts and understanding the ways to sell the product.

Earning commissions due to Add display; This is quite simple in comparison to e commerce. Here you display your adds on web pages from google AdSense, Kontera, OpenX, Atlas solutions etc.But you you need huge amount of quality content and traffic to make appreciable amount of money.

You can have your own website to keep the entire commissions for you or you can opt for free sites which offer space for writing by costing you a part of your commission earning like hub pages.

For both ways like online job or business one has to manage payments by Paypal for safety and reliability.

These are few money making ways during your college life.

Thanks :-)


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    • safiq ali patel profile image

      safiq ali patel 

      7 years ago from United States Of America

      My college days were 24 years ago. I took a job working at a petrol station to keep me going through college. Plus my mom helped cut the cost of living by helping our with meals. It's tough but won't you qualify for some state help?


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